11 Questions: Ophelia S. Lewis, Writer, publisher, Humanitarian

Born Nov.7, 1961 Ophelia S. Lewis is a Liberian writer and publisher. Her first book, “My Dear Liberia” [2004] was published in memory of pre- civil war Liberia. She is referred to in some quarters as a feminist-nationalist, and is the founder of Village Tale Publishing. She is also the author of novels, and children’s books, poetry, short stories and essays. Ophelia is active in helping other authors getting their writing published using a self-publishing platform. When she is not writing she can be found fundraising for worthy causes such…

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Liberia Unscrabbled: Ophelia S. Lewis

B O O K R E V I E W By ralph geeplay In this 200 page published riddles book dedicated to Liberia, Africa’s oldest and first republic, author and publisher, Ophelia Lewis brings to life a unique perspective—the history of her native country. LIBERIA UNSCRABBLED, is a book of Puzzles & Trivia and Word Search. It presents amazing brainteasers and outlook on Liberia— a first, and tangs up the reading horizons for those interested in Liberia and its history and culture via the trivia flicks that are presented. For…

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