First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

Clar Duncan Weah’s 1mill Budget Bigger Than Disaster Agencies

    The Editor,   Last year, floods affected over 6,000 inhabitants in Montserrado and kills one in Barclayville, Grand Kru County. 11 out of 15 counties so far are at severe risk of being victimized by this national catastrophe. As flooding heightens in Liberia, everyone especially slum-dwellers of flood-prone settlements are looking up to [the] Weah’s pro-poor government for solution. Every year, rural and urban communities in Liberia are heavily affected by floods. Thousands of Liberians are made homeless and internally displaced as a result of this national disaster.…

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