Joseph Bokai: Deconstructing Rep. Dunah Age debate

By Robert w. Kpadeh Last Friday, was the first time I ever heard about a Representative called Worleah-Saywah Dunah and I am told he hails from the great Nimba County—and is also an Executive Member of the ruling Unity Party or UP. I never heard him comment on major national issues in this country as a matter of fact. For example: The recent abrupt school closure issue, the 2015/2016 budget passage without any consideration for struggling Civil Servants, the accountability of the US$900K collected from the National Oil Company or…

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Liberia 2017 Elections: Taylor’s Aide Benoni Urey Makes Push For Nimba

Hawa Wesseh M O N R O V I A, July 22—Former Charles Taylor’s aide, ex-Maritime Commissioner, Benoni Urey, reports say is betting on the legacy of his former boss, as he makes a push for the Liberian presidency, which is two years away. According to observers, views popular amongst the now incarcerated former president [who is in an English jail for war crimes against humanity] and his supporters, is that Taylor’s popularity has not wane in Liberia, and he could possibly win re-elections “if elections were held today,” [if…

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