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In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

Stranded Students In Morocco Need Liberian Gov’t Intervention

    The Editor   As Stranded Government sponsored Students in Morocco, we this week gathered at the Liberian embassy to protest for our monthly allowances; but the Liberian Embassy authorized Police Unit to brutally remove us. International Scholarship for Students studying in Morocco has become a hardship. Few week ago, we reported the situation of 85 Liberian Students in Morocco being stranded due to the Liberian Government’s refusal to pay our monthly allowances. Liberian students, have spent 10 months in the northern African Country without receiving a dime from…

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However, none of these two documents and/or the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Report on Liberia, Country No. 18/172, provides information on how Liberia’s positive US $6M in 2006, declined to a $265M negative cash position at 2018. Liberia’s cash position is negative because of withdrawals. For example, even after printing new banknotes, beginning in 2016, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration withdrew US $75M from accounts held in banks located outside of Liberia, as per page # 11of the 2017 CBL Financial Statements. ($211M in 2016 minus $136M in 2017). Op-ed 

Central Bank in Red: Sirleaf and Weah Who’s telling the Truth

Central Bank in Red ($265m): Presidents Weah ($137m) and Sirleaf ($128m) By J. Yanqui Zaza  President George Weah, through the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs, has submitted the 2019/2020 national budget to the Liberian Legislature and his government has also published the 2018/2019 Citizens Guide Budget, which includes $500M of Donors’ grants/loans. However, none of these two documents and/or the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Report on Liberia, Country No. 18/172, provides information on how Liberia’s positive US $6M in 2006, declined to a $265M negative cash position at…

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Public Policy 

Senators Yallah And Paye Expelled

    The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) of Liberia has condemned the unconstitutional removal of Associate Justice kabineh Mohammad Ja’neh by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia. The NDC believes that the action of the legislature was unconstitutional and illegally executed with the cooperation of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor. Such illegal and unconstitutional action has severely undermined the independence of the Judiciary and degraded the national legislature. Also, such illegal removal of Associate Justice Ja’neh has the propensity to induce lawlessness and provoke illegal or unsolicited attacks on the…

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The Senegalese thought that would be the case after a wildly successful debut 16 years ago that came with a freewheeling style of play and memorable celebrations. A national holiday was declared after the victory over France, and it's still considered among the best performances by an African team. Cameroon (1990) and Ghana (2010), neither of whom qualified for the tournament in Russia, are the only other African teams to reach the quarterfinals. News Sports 

World Cup 2018: Senegal Lions

    DAKAR, Senegal — When the World Cup trophy tour reached Senegal, President Macky Sall got the taste of being a champion. It’s an experience he hopes is real in Senegal one day. Sall optimistically turned to Senegal coach Aliou Cisse that day and said: “It won’t be long.” That’s some pressure for a team making only its second World Cup appearance. But that first appearance, in 2002, was memorable. A team of relative unknowns led Senegal to the quarterfinals in a run that began with a 1-0 victory…

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Evidently, Presidents Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf brought on or prolonged the hardship, suffering, misery and grief the Liberian people are currently dealing with. Yet, each of these individuals entered the Presidency on a wave of popular support. Op-ed 


    The Editor   By my own calculation, one of the greatest mistakes the Liberian people have ever made, was to elect Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the first post-war President of Liberia. Then, again, it might have been destiny – the same destiny that brought Mr Charles Ghankay Taylor, Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe, and now, Mr George Manneh Weah to the Presidency at a specific moment in time. Evidently, Presidents Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf brought on or prolonged the hardship, suffering, misery and grief the Liberian people are…

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The implication is that the pro-poor agenda will become imperiled

  Coming events, it is said, usually cast their shadows; if the Christmas will be good, you will tell from the eve. These are all common sayings, both here and abroad, with a lot of hidden meaning. President Weah in his maiden address to the nation following his assumption of office declared before a watching world that governance under his tenure, will be “pro-poor”. And as if to drive home the point, he announced a unilateral 25 percent cut in his salary and benefits and he called on other officials…

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News Politics 

South Africa and Nigeria condemn American President

Trump Comments, Infuriating Africans, May Set Back U.S. Interests CAPE TOWN — South Africa and Nigeria have joined a chorus of nations condemning President Trump’s inflammatory remarks on immigration, as Africa experts warned that the controversy threatened to set back American interests across the world’s fastest-growing continent. Since Thursday, when several participants in a meeting with Mr. Trump said he had asked why the United States should take in migrants from “shithole countries,” including Haiti and African nations, the Trump administration has been erratic in its account of what happened….

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Business News 

Will intra-Africa trade come of age in 2018?

Governments in Africa must start taking data protection and encryption far more seriously. Overcoming the barriers for intra-African trade to double in a decade can feel like a Sisyphean task – impossible to complete. But that is the objective of the Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT) action plan, which targets to double flows between January 2012 and January 2022.rcMany individual African nations will not, on their own, have significant production or purchasing power any time soon. To accommodate such young populations and produce or enable meaningful employment, GDP growth has to…

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The life and struggles of Malcolm X

The name of Malcolm X still evokes mixed feelings. Some people classify him along with the black radicals advocating ´inside out´ racism, others seen him as a mere demagogue who turned all in favour of his views. However, there are also those for whom he is the immortal legend of the struggle for human rights. The findings from the underworld Malcolm Little (1925-1965) was born in Nebraska at the time when the strict laws of J. Crow of the United States were regulating the relations between ´black´ and ´white´ citizens….

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Op-ed Politics 

Nationalism in Africa after World War ll

The next significant event in the development of African nationalism was World War II. Nearly two million Africans were recruited as soldiers, porters, and scouts for the Allies during the war. When these soldiers returned home, they returned to colonial states that still considered them inferior. Many veterans had expected that their dedication to colonial governments would be recognized and they would be rewarded accordingly. This was not to be, and these soldiers returned home to conditions worsened by a weak global economy. Because they had fought to protect the…

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