Dr. Nyan is globally recognized for inventing the Rapid Multiplex Pathogen Diagnostic Test (now called, the Nyan-Test), which detects multiple infections in less than an hour. He recently received a US Patent for the invention from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He is also a former student activist at the University of Liberia and an executive of the Liberia National Students Union who was arrested for pro-democratic activism, imprisoned, and exiled by the Samuel Doe government in 1988. Op-ed 

NDC Press-Statement Save The-State

  Press statement   POSITION STATEMENT BY THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC COALITION (NDC) OF LIBERIA ON THE JUNE 7TH PROTEST MARCH TO “SAVE THE STATE”   The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), Liberia’s social democratic party, unequivocally declares its support for the “June 7th — Save the State” Protest and calls for a constructive engagement by the government of Liberia that will eventually serve the best interest of our country. Principally comprised of the New DEAL Movement and the Free Democratic Party who are signatories to the historic Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement…

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Liberia imbue with recipe for violence

Kelvin Nyan Suah Email kn.suah@mail.utoronto.ca The Editor Message SIMEON FREEMAN HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE LIBERIAN POPULACE – TO PROTECT OUR FRAGILE PEACE THROUGH RESPONSIBLE STATEMENTS Democratic tenets, with it freedom of speech, call not only for responsible government, but also for responsible opposition, responsible media institutions, and responsible citizenry. The conglomeration of these fosters and nurtures a peaceful, prosperous society. This holds true for established and emerging democracies, the latter to which Liberia belongs. It is based on this theorization that I have come to hold Simeon Freeman, political…

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Liberia: No Budget or 73million House Says!

  Listener Staff Report Reports say the Liberian House of Representative wants 73 million dollars directly distributed to the 73 districts within the country, meaning a million dollar a district.  It says the senate’s rejection of its proposal, that the amount be inserted within the draft national budget is unfortunate. Alex Tyler,  House Speaker introduced the line item which observer say is untimely given that Liberia is currently experiencing a budget shortfall of about 74million. Finance Minister, Amara Konneh told lawmakers in the Liberian capital of Monrovia that the country…

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Liberian Zoanette Johnson Takes American Idol By storm

        By: Hawa Wesseh The oldest singing competition on US TV is just taking off as the Voice and the X-Factor that are also competitors went to bed. American Idol Season 12 is here and the contestants are coming out to party and look who showed up as the bash is heating up in Las Vegas; it is Liberian Zoanette Johnson! Even five time Grammy winner Mariah Carey was unrestrained in her praises for the West African this week saying, “I feel like you’re a very giving person…

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