We believe with will and courage that, the current committee set up by Mr George Weah to probe causes of the gasoline shortage, which has submerged the country into a blistering crisis--crippling every aspect of livelihood for citizens totally lacks the quantum of integrity and moral rectitude required to independently probe this matter to any logical and forthright conclusion. Therefore, it must be unconditionally squashed and decommissioned to make way for a  rather sound and independent committee. Op-ed 

One People Revolutionary Movement to speak on national issues

  Press Release (13, Feb. 2020)– Fellow-citizens, we extend revolutionary greetings and solidarity during this unbearable, unwarranted and unjustified gasoline crisis painstakingly encumbering livelihood in our homeland. This nightmare we believe is born out of sheer greed, insensitivity and inherent incompetence on the part of public officials presiding over institutions responsible for the availability of petroleum products in our country, a press statement emanating from the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM) has said. Henceforth, we would like to plainly state for the record that given the revealing, striking and scaring…

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