It has become a pungent phenomenon in the history of humanity that discredited regimes faced with the heroic defiance of a mobilized people against all the filths and dirty tricks of the establishment, fearing that playing hardball would lead to its decisive crushing under the revolutionary weight of the enraged masses, agents of such bankrupt order would collapse into political posturing and dangle before the people a call for unity and dialogue—an inglorious pretext meant to save the neck of the regime from the noose in order to continue the spree of social domination. Op-ed 

Letter: – 172 Years of Same & The Shame

    By Rodney Sieh   Dear Readers, Africa’s oldest republic turns 172 this week shrouded in a damning controversy over whether or not Liberians should be celebrating in the midst of a rapidly-shrinking economy, massive levels of poverty, a free-flying exchange rate, protests on the main campus of the University of Liberia over teachers’ salaries, serious transparency and accountability lapses, massive cuts and delays in civil servants’ pay and a familiar refrain from the past regarding corruption, greed, nepotism, sycophancy and a governance style bordering the patronage theme mirroring…

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