Note: While the political superstructure may have changed its features since the second imperialist war, the economic base of the society has remained the same. Under Tubman, it was a Black Apartheid state in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Doe, it was a military dictatorship in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Taylor, it was Black Fascism in the service of capitalism. The Ellen’s era ushered in a liberal democracy; not a popular democracy but a democracy in the service of neo-liberal capitalism. In the current era under the soccer dolt, the fatherland is drifting away from liberal democracy and neo-colonial capitalism back to Black fascism in the service of private ownership of the properties of production, free market economy and free trade. Under these different conditions, the major aim of the state has been to create the condition for the wholesale exploitation of labor and resources by foreign capital.    Op-ed 

Monrovia Group Decision Led By Tubman–still hunts African Unity, Today!

By Patrick Smith and Elissa Jobson The radical pan-Africanists of that period posed questions that politicians are still grappling with today: how to deepen cooperation, how to build a fairer international trading system and how to deal with the disproportionate military power of wealthy states. After listening to a string of verbose and repetitive speeches, Algeria’s president Ahmed Ben Bella briskly stepped up to the podium at the founding conference of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa in May 1963 and announced: “It is one o’clock and…

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