I do not see what the urchins. Caro’s critics it seems are concerned with worldly delusions which are the cravings of the wretched of the earth; those who think that brandishing flashy fashions and gadgets while looking like pimps from some Western metropolis in an ego driven bliss to hide their low self-esteem, Caro is different she is as real as they come. MC Caro is a fine artist who seems way ahead of her times. At Liberian Music Awards, while others lavished in foreign designed attires, she elected to gown a suit made of an African traditional fabrics----proud to portray her African culture and values. While others chose to pose half-naked like a lady ready for the night, she appeared dignify and reserved and modest in her dress and style. Music 

MC Caro uses her talents to build political and social consciousness

By M. Uneh Yahmia MC Caro is using her talents to build political and social consciousness at a time her country needs her the most. When almost every artist is sucked, and kissing up to the powers that be, she has risen from the slums to expose a system that oppresses the people and denies the youth the opportunity to unleash its potential. This is the boldest decision any young man or woman can make at a time the fatherland is being scandalized and devoured. MC Caro has placed her…

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