This national urgency or imperative, which lies with us, hasn’t been felt with such deep sense of patriotism and nationalism. The Weah-led government is operating on borrowed time. Elements within its ranks are on crutches. Weah and his men are actually on life-support. I have chosen not to be a prey of those predators. Enough of this abuse of power! Either we struggle in unity or perish in cowardice. Unshaken and resilient with oneness of purpose and destiny, CHANGE is inevitable – a new Liberia of social justice and economic freedom is in sight. Op-ed 

I fled Liberia after series of vicious attacks on me during my graduation day

    The Editor Wednesday, December 11, 2019 was overly terrifying and traumatic as State Security along with pro-regime operatives and thugs mainly from Sabu Unit and Zebra Unit devised a brutish conspiracy to arbitrarily arrest me and inflate severe wounds on my person as a result of my critical stance against President George M. Weah and his intolerant Government. Being unapologetically critical against cronyism, institutionalized thievery, and bad governance has been and remains my only crime or charge. The wave of vicious attacks, especially on my graduation day, was…

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In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

My Official Response to Ms. Hellen Momoh on her charges of Bullying, Plagiarism, and Grammatical Errors

    The Editor,   This gone week was too tight and multitasking for me. I had a lot of personal and professional duties to accomplish in time. Hence, Ms. Hellen Momoh had enough of amenities to woo or seduce a number of social media followers into pettiness. Let me take a few minutes to deconstruct her wild claims and frail charges which this CDC-led government is using as a spiteful propaganda against my person in various newspapers. This propaganda of me bullying women is too weak and mawkish to…

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Martin continued: “President Weah and Min. Nathaniel McGill hired and paid ex-Rebel Generals to forcibly arrest Hon. Kolubah. Who are they to give an elected official a 72-hour ultimatum to report himself or risk being dragged?” News 

Activist Attacked But DEA Security Claims Attack

  Rodney Sieh   Monrovia FPA– At around 10:30pm Friday, Martin Kollie says he was taking one of his Student Unification Party militants’ home when he received a call from other party members who were hanging out at the Renaissance Bar on Duport Road in Paynesville. Mr. Kollie, the controversial secretary-general of the Student Unification Party of the University of Liberia, broke his silence Sunday, for the first time since reports of his alleged abduction and beating by unknown forces, he says were instructed by the Liberian government to do…

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