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“The renaming of a street in Windhoek in honour of the late Garvey is anticipated to give a tremendous boost in the relations between Namibia and Jamaica and to serve as a permanent reminder to citizens of both countries of where our forefathers have come from and where the next generation needs to go so as to merge the two nations as they are vying for their rightful place in the new world order,” a statement by the government  read. News 

Namibia names street after Pan African leader Garvey

    NDUTA WAWERU | contributor   Namibia has renamed one of its streets after Jamaica’s first national hero, Dr. Marcus Garvey. The event was held during the visit of Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who was in Namibia to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries. “Naming a street in this capital city of Windhoek in honor of Marcus Garvey represents a demonstration of the posterity of the value of the contribution of one who has played a lead role in countering negative appellations forced on black people in Africa and…

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Marcus Garvey and UNIA Failed Liberia Expedition

By Morgan Files Widespread misconceptions surround the aborted plans for a UNIA settlement program in the Republic of Liberia in the 1920s. Chief among these is that the Liberian upper classes were averse to Garvey’s plans which would have undermined “Americo-Liberian hegemony” over the country. The more complicated truth has less to do with “Americo-Liberian hegemony” than a curious combination of French, British and American interests in Africa, an all-too-human rivalry between Garvey and African-American scholar W.E.B. Du Bois, and Marcus Garvey’s own failure to keep his grandiose plans under…

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