But Esther sees no problem with it. All she wants is to make her from ‘hand-to-mouth’ livelihood for her siblings and her son. Watching Esther works, she pours the gasoline from the jars into a safe-made funnel attached to the hollowed rod leading to the gas or fuel tank of the vehicles. She is so smart and fast and has to be precise as more kehkeh riders pull in asking her to hurry up so they can go back and grab more passengers. News 

Liberia: For Esther, the day has just begun

    Liberia: ‘Can- Girl’, A Female, Street Gas Seller By Mae Azango Monrovia – The clouds were gloomy from the very heavy rains that had just fallen in Monrovia. The rain had formed streams, which ran on both sides of the tarmac road at the intersection of Benson and Newport Streets. At this particular spot, are parked three-tire vehicles (tricycle) locally known as Kehkeh whose operators usually rush to anyone approaching them so as to be the lucky one to ferry that or those persons to their destinations. Also at…

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Rejected by NOCAL, Woman Graduates With Associate Degree

  Ms. Williams became one of a handful of women to graduate from Lofa County Community College (LCCC) walls with an AA degree. This seemed very unlikely in 2015 when Williams was one of many scholars who lost their scholarships from the National Oil Company of Liberia as NOCAL slid into financial collapse. As the Ebola crisis strained her family Williams GPA dropped below 3.0 and NOCAL said they would drop her. On Friday all that was forgotten. Williams was one of 413 students graduating from the College. Her delighted…

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Mae Azango debut book expected soon

Mae Azango, an award-winning Liberian female journalist, said she is almost done with her debut book, ‘Voice of the Trumpetess.’The book, which is expected to be a must read, chronicles her life from childhood to adulthood and the difficulties she endured during this period.‘Voice of the Trumpetess’ depicts the physical abuses she went through as a child, her failed marriage and many more complicated life struggles she was able to stand tall to. The book’s title is the result of her work as a journalist and the impact her stories…

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