Much of the instability in Africa, particulalry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is due to a myriad of colonial factors coupled with the greed and selfishness of African politicians who fail to establish resolute and astute leadership to fix their own countries and help their own people. The West thrives off this - it gives them the sense that they were right throughout the course of history, that black people are uncivilized and have an affinity towards being war savages. The perpetual reliance on the West has a sickening effect for Africa - it just fosters patronizing politics.  Public Policy 

DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi begs for more french presence in Congo

This is further exploitation under the veil of military assistance in security matters. DRC continues to be abused by the imperialist powers. It is as if African countries are totally incapable of standing by themselves and solving their own problems in their own ways. It is like the reliance on the West is a perennial feature of African politics from which we can never be unshackled from. It is as if we give the West the impression that we have run our own countries in the ground and without them…

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