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JZYNO Releases New Single “Mamie Watta” with Krymi

After much anticipation, the Ghana-based Liberian artist, JZYNO has released his new single “Maame Water” featuring Ghana’s sensational singer Krymi. Taking to social media, JZYNO revealed the cover art for his upcoming single with the caption “Fresh new tone will keep you on your feet till the end of the beat”. The cover art shows a portrait photo of both artists against a serene sea view and also reveals the producer of the song as Beatz Vampire. Back in March 2021, JZYNO put the music scene on ‘stop’ with his power-packed…

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The Survivor and the Conquering Spirits of Sadjio

By Fatoumata Nabie Fofana Publisher: Adelaide Books 244 Fifth Avenue Suit D27 New York, NY 10001 311 pp. Reviewed by Nvasekie N. Konneh The life we live, where we live, those we interact with on the daily basis are all stories by themselves. The more we live, the more stories there are about us or others we interact with. In this case, everyone has stories to tell, either orally or literarily. On one occasion or another, many of our stories are told orally to our friends and relatives. The oral stories take…

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Wisher, now cochair of the committee that selects the poet laureate, said in a statement that Mayson’s “lovingly crafted poems have fed, held, and awakened many of us already. She has long been a beloved artist and educator in Philadelphia, and we are honored by her desire to serve as Poet Laureate," Wisher said. “Trapeta’s commitment to this city and its people is brilliantly evident in her work, art, and life.” Artists & Reviews 

Philadelphia Poet Laureate is Liberian born Trapeta B. Mayson

Trapeta B. Mayson, a Liberian-born poet, teacher, and licensed social worker, will be Philadelphia’s next poet laureate, for 2020 and 2021, the Free Library of Philadelphia announced Thursday. She will succeed Raquel Salas Rivera, who won a prestigious $50,000 award from the Academy of American Poets while serving in the post. The poet laureate post is a two-year position with some ceremonial and community-outreach duties. Mayson will be expected to participate in at least one reading a year at the Free Library and participate in a school program, workshop, or…

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This is why they will rig elections and use brute force to consolidate power. This is a recipe for conflict as patriots will not sit idly for Weah and his henchmen to take ownership of Liberia, loot it vastly while the Liberian people languish in despair. It is a historical dejavu. It is high time the international community comes to ensure electoral reform that will include other stakeholders of the society in the nomination and appointment of the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners of the NEC. If not, Liberia will again be a scar in their conscience. Op-ed 

What next shall we do? Forget the Senate, it will confirm Weah’s NEC nominees

The Editor, Mr. Weah’s nominee for the Chairmanship of the NEC, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, whether native-born Liberian or immigrant will be committed to rigging any future election for the CDC. President Weah must rescind the nomination of Mr. Ndubusi under pressure from the public, civil society, and the opposition. But we expect Mr. Weah will appoint another person who excluding the nationality issue has a similar character trait of Mr. Ndubusi. What next shall we do? Forget the Senate. Mr. Weah will bankroll the gullible majority in the Senate to confirm…

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Ms. Golakai and her co-winners, Gloria M. Odari, Parselelo Kantai, and Nnamdi Oguike will each receive a grant of €18,000 to allow them to take a year off to finish the Spectral novel. “Spectral is a terrifying examination of the tensions between freedom and social order. It will have speculative fiction themes: fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism. I love mixing science with fantastical and unknown,” Ms. Golakai said about the upcoming book. Artists & Reviews 

Liberian Writer Golakai Wins 2019 Morland Writing Scholarship

    Liberian Author Hawa Jande Golakai has emerged as one of the four joint winners of the prestigious Morland Writing Scholarships for her work Spectral.​​ Ms. Golakai, a speculative fiction author and a professional medical immunologist, is the first and only Liberian to win the Morland scholarship prize since its inception in 2013. Ms. Golakai and her co-winners, Gloria M. Odari, Parselelo Kantai, and Nnamdi Oguike will each receive a grant of €18,000 to allow them to take a year off to finish the Spectral novel. “Spectral is a…

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Bendu Kabba, a resident in the district, expressed frustration about the continuous silence of her Representative. “They cannot be keeping us in limbo about our own lawmaker and people want us be happy about the process. We need to know what’s going on with Munah, we don’t want our so-called opposition to keep asking about her.” Prince Guye, also a resident in the district, hoped the CDC lawmaker returns soon and starts her workings for the district. “If she is sick and cannot make it anymore let her office say it. We are the only district right now in Liberia, which lawmaker is living but cannot seen; we cannot hear from her and we don’t know her whereabouts Moses Quannue: “Let Munah Pelham leave and turn the seat over so we can go for a by- election because she’s missing in action, if she even gets well today, it is my advice that she leaves our job.” News 

AWOL: Where is Representative. Munah Pelham-Youngblood?

MONROVIA – Montserrado County District 9 Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood has been out of session for nine consecutive months and even residents of her district do not know her whereabouts, neither has the House of Representatives nor her family cared to clarify the multiple rumors of her death news or wellbeing. Rule 21.1 of the House Standing Rules forbids any member from being absent from sessions for two weeks without obtaining approval from the Speaker and violators must be penalized in a manner deemed appropriate by the leadership in consultation with…

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Fellow cpmrades and the progressive class, "We can't be taking pleasure from the poverty-stricken condition and abject misery of our people then we say the struggle must end. We can't be in haste to get rich and pretend that the struggle is coming to an end. On our side, the struggle is just beginning" —Prof. Alaric Tokpa. Tributes 

Sixty-one Years at the Barricades in the People’s Struggle

  —A Tribute to Pan African Progressive Struggle icon and 1979 “Rice and Rights” Riot Hero Prof. Alaric Tokpa!   By: Mustapha N. Kanneh (Ataturk) April 14, 1979 change the course of the Liberian political history forever and produced it villains (those from the oligarchy who arrested, wounded and murdered Liberians for standing up for their rights) and heroes (those who march with our people into history to defeat the system that oppressed them). One of its foremost heroes is Prof. Alaric Tokpa, a fearless and decent Liberian revolutionary icon,…

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On the city streets, a few police cars accompanied hospital ambulances as they made the rounds collecting dead bodies. Beyond that, the only other activity in the city was taking place up the hill, in the confines of the majestic Masonic Temple —constructed in the mode of nineteenth century American architecture with generously designed arched windows. There, high ranking officials of the government gathered for an urgent meeting. The officials, mostly men dressed in incongruous dark suits with long-tailed overcoats, wore discernible expressions of urgency on their faces. Society Arts & Leisure 

Reign of Disorder: A short story

  Momoh Sekou Dudu   On a hot and muggy Saturday in April, palpable tension drenched the air in Riceland’s capital, Williamsburg. At exactly noon, in defiance of strict government warnings, a few brave men assembled at the gates of the country’s flagship university. Soon, that early trickle of men was joined by hundreds and, eventually, thousands of other Ricelanders. As word spread of the unfolding situation at the university, all across the city, citizens gathered at other identified protest sites. The confrontation that had festered for so long seemed…

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Student leader John Saylay Singbae, II explained that the bilateral scholarship agreement between the two countries’ governments has existed for over 50 years and is geared towards educating Liberian students in higher disciplines. According to him, the Moroccans are only to provide institutions for Liberia students to enable them study in variety of disciplines. While the Liberian government is expected to fully be responsible for providing homes, feeding, transportation, money for school materials, health insurance, etc, for its students. News 

Liberia Abandons Scholarship Students in Morocco?

  By Mae Azango   Monrovia – Liberian scholarship students studying in Morocco are said to be struggling in that North African nation as a result of them not receiving their allowances for many months from the Liberian government. Recently on social media, these students posted that they are financially stranded and are suffering because their government has not sent their allowance after several pleads to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. Student leader John Saylay Singbae, II explained that the bilateral scholarship agreement between the two…

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For example, if Mr. McGill recommends that Mr. John S. Bestman, LBDI President, be the next Central Bank Governor, do you think President Weah will say no?? I don't think so. Op-ed 

LBDI Confirms McGill US$200,000 Mortgage Application

The Editor, Do you think LBDI would bend its lending practices if Nathaniel McGill were an average Joe? Please, an average Joe’s application would never see the light of day because he’s credit risk! (Re “LBDI President Confirms Nathaniel McGill’s US$200k Mortgage Application”) Even though Nat. McGill is a credit risk, he’s NO average Joe.  He’s the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.  And, as such, he has a lot of power and influence in presidential decisions. For example, if Mr. McGill recommends that Mr. John S. Bestman, LBDI President,…

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