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Monrovia comes alive with poetry readings this weekend

By Ralph Geeplay Monrovia will come alive his weekend, when the much anticipated and expected poetry reading takes place on the Congo Town Back Road, behind the Ministry of Health, and right opposite the Chinese Restaurant. Liberian writer and poetry enthusiast Forte Otheniel, who is headlining the event, says some of Liberia finest writers will be reading and in attendance, in what is expected to be an eventful night. Recent attempts to make Monrovia and adjacent cities the center of multiple readings is gradually paying off. These efforts are geared…

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A Poem: Night falls in Kanweaken

Night falls in Kanweaken ralph geeplay —000— As night falls the sun placates its far-flung self faded Then wives having fought their day’s battle filed Themselves fatigued like Militia on the petite village road Heavenwards look they hunt God Their kinjas slightly poised on their heads They march with regal posture As wanting Youngs Bend their backs Like leaves to branches Their inundated perturbed hearts For yearning, for Craving to do more– But little else can they bid but breast milk Husbands stroll behind meek Speaking in the Murmurs only…

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11 Questions: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Poet

      Wesley [PhD] is Associate Professor of English at the Pennsylvania State University and a Liberian writer with four books of poetry under her belt.  Jabbeh Wesley’s fifth book “In Monrovia, the River Visits the Sea,” is now in print. It is a children’s book recently published by One Moore Book Publishers, Jan. 2013. 1. How well received have your poetry books been? It depends on who you are talking about. Outside Liberia, my books have been very well received, particularly, in the US and outside, in countries…

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