Liberia has been looted and turned into a wasteland of neocolonial capitalism. The havoc wrought on the society by Weah is revealing of national neglect and the intense level of contempt Ellen and her cabal must-have for poor and working people to have orchestrated this farce on the fatherland. Weah's actions have angered the people, and they resolved to vote the CDC out at any electoral poll. And here comes the dubious plan Weah has reached. So, we are not astonished upon reading the list which comprises names of familiar stooges. Op-ed 

NEC: Weah is determined to entrench himself in power against the popular will!

      Just when we thought Weah will spare us another political circus because our country has mobilized all efforts on the homeland to fight the killer virus, then George Weah’s obsession with power and his terminal fixation on entrenching himself even amid a viral pandemic sweeping the world and recording innumerable fatalities showed up. Political expediency would force even the wretched of souls to watch national mood before taking political actions— at least that should be the simplest requirement every leader would perform. The death sentence of  Liberian…

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The Republic continues to footslog in this nightmarish state of shackles and shams. Unless enlightened men and women of courage and conscience stand up in one accord to punctuate these prevailing horrors which are grimly impeding Liberia’s progress, posterity will forever render our generation “inordinatum” (purposeless). In order to avert this injurious legacy, philosophical minds must now begin to boldly detect and detest the debris of jesters and juggernauts whose overriding yearning is to unlawfully annex the sacred corridors of history. In this conscious vanguard, erudite militants, ideologues and cadres who are fortified to gate-keep must respond to reclaim this sacred bequest by castrating misfits and lame zealots. Op-ed 

Fumigating The Debris From An Imbecilic Analogy Against SUP – A Brief Retort

Fumigating The Debris From An Imbecilic Analogy Against SUP – A Brief Retort To A ‘Dum-Dum’ in NPA Managing Director Bill Tweahway Alias Gbekugbeh Jr. – Part 1 The Editor As our nation woefully endures another shattering epoch in human history, there must never be a moment where the venom of nonentities and petit rascals should coerce voices of moral consciousness to bow in cowardice and censorship. These are troubling and tragic times confronting Liberia under an extravagant and ill-ideological footballer – a time where mediocrity and tomfoolery have become…

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Although this author’s prediction maybe overdue, it is not a starch, however, to wonder out loud, the potential devastation the COVID-19 pandemic could bring to Liberia’s poorest people. Consequently, it is important that critical policies be formulated and implemented to inform, educate and treat every Liberian. Moreover, is the George Weah-led CDC government prepared to require self-isolation for Liberians, and ready to ban Liberians from leaving their homes except to buy food, essential supplies, and medicines or for work? Every Liberian needs to be better prepared on ways to prevent, tackle and arrest this deadly virus from spreading and killing Liberians, most especially, the innocent. Therefore, it is imperative that all Liberians continue to look out for their fellow countrymen, women and children, especially those in vulnerable groups, and those with fever, headaches, cold, high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Still others to look out for are those in local markets, entertainer and community centers. As a matter of fact, all overcrowded transport centers and busting commercial districts need to be equipped with public mobile hand washing facilities. Finally, President George Weah should not allow corruption to undermine and deepen suspicions among Liberians regarding equal access to medical supplies, equipment, services and treatment. Op-ed 

Is Liberia Prepared To Deal With the Corona virus Pandemic?

  By Francis Nyepon   The World Health Organization, WHO, has declared Coronavirus, COVID-19, a pandemic, instead of an epidemic. Since the explosion of the COVID-19 in December 2019, the pandemic has been spreading at alarming rates and frightening levels throughout the world. The pandemic has spread to over 100 countries, infecting over 200,000 people, and killing over 7,000. The COVID-19 pandemic has reached the heartland of the West African sub-region. Several countries in the sub-region have already recorded cases of COVID-19. Some of these countries include Togo, Burkina Faso,…

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Blyden believed that the underdevelopment of Africa in the ninetieth century was due to historical factors such as slavery and the slave trade rather than race. To Blyden, if equal opportunities were provided for both races, not even the average African could be outsmarted by the White man. Blyden gained prominence in Liberia where he married into a prominent family and had three children with his wife, Americo-Liberian Sarah Yates. They had three children together and he also had five children with Anna Erskine, an African-American woman from Louisiana whom he had a long-term relationship with while living in Freetown Sierra Leone. Before his death on 7 February 1912 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he was buried, Blyden had worked as a journalist, a professor, college president and diplomat serving as an ambassador for Liberia to Britain and France. Araba sam/Face2face Tributes 

Edward Wilmot Blyden: The African Personality

The phrase “African Personality” was first introduced by Edward Blyden in a lecture titled Study and Race, delivered in Sierra Leone, Freetown on 19th May 1893. African Personality was mainly informed by Blyden’s personal experiences of slavery and racism and also an attempt to challenge racist scientific theories. Edward Wilmot Blyden was born on 3rd August 1832 in the West Indies (St. Thomas of the Virgin Island) to free parents at a time when slavery had not been abolished. In a quest to gain higher education, Blyden attempted to enroll…

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In IG Sudue’s account, the vehicles were abandoned by protesters at the entrance of the Capitol Building and they (LNP) drove them to their Police Headquarters, which is within the same vicinity. According to him, there he immediately ordered his officers to search the vehicles and while they were searching that was when they allegedly found the arms and ammunitions along with a knife and other deadly objects in the lawmaker’s official car marked ‘HOR 65.’ Based on the discovery of the weapons, IG Sudue said he immediately halted the exercise and ordered his men to call the press to continue with the search in order to ensure transparency in the process. News 

Liberian Police Officer Allegedly Flogs Motorcyclist to Death in Ganta

    Ganta, Nimba County – For more than five hours, normal activities came to a standstill in Ganta City following the death overnight of an 18-year-old motorcyclist. The late Samuel Selleh, was allegedly flogged to death by the Ganta City Deputy Police Commander who is said to be on the run following the incident. Speaking to FrontPageAfrica, 32-year-old Yei Yini, narrated that Selleh, who was a resident of the Peace Community in Ganta, had come to the Jackie’s Guest House, along with her son, Stanley Yini, where he met…

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Patience Koenig ’22 Wins Global Impact Challenge Competition at United Nations Youth Assembly Op-ed 

Patience Koenig ’22 Wins Global Challenge Competition at UN Youth Assembly

    For Immediate Release   AURORA, N.Y.—Patience Koenig ’22, a Wells College student who hails from Liberia, was named a winner of the Global Impact Challenge during the 25th United Nations Youth Assembly last weekend. The competition, sponsored by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, took place Feb. 14–16, 2020 in New York City. Patience, who is studying environmental science and sustainable food systems, initially came to Wells College via SMART Liberia, a highly selective college preparatory program in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. She pitched her idea on how her…

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It can be recalled that Christopher Walker, Sports Editor of FrontPage Africa newspaper, was also brutalized while he was covering the National County Sports Meet at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. He explained that some of his belongings, including his camera and phone, were damaged as well as his wallet, containing US$250 USD and L$1000 were taken away from him. An investigation by the Police following a complaint by FPA about the manhandling of Journalist Walker has been at a snail pace. Public Policy 

Ruthless Presidential Security Unit Admits Abusing Liberian Journalists

    Monrovia – Following blatant frequent denials by the government of Liberia that no journalist has been manhandled by state security, FrontPage Africa has obtained a letter in which the Executive Protection Services admits that it is investigating an agent for “over-reaction,” after the officer allegedly battered a reporter. The letter under the signature of EPS Director Trokon Roberts expressed regret for the situation and promised to take appropriate action against the agent of the elite presidential guard. “The EPS sincerely regrets the situation and will carry out the…

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This national urgency or imperative, which lies with us, hasn’t been felt with such deep sense of patriotism and nationalism. The Weah-led government is operating on borrowed time. Elements within its ranks are on crutches. Weah and his men are actually on life-support. I have chosen not to be a prey of those predators. Enough of this abuse of power! Either we struggle in unity or perish in cowardice. Unshaken and resilient with oneness of purpose and destiny, CHANGE is inevitable – a new Liberia of social justice and economic freedom is in sight. Op-ed 

East International Group INC – Revealing Tragedies about a Chinese-Liberian Mafia Company

    East International Group Incorporated (EIGI) dubiously connived with high-ranking officials of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s government to rob Liberia and Liberians of millions of United States Dollars through road construction-related projects. This mafia syndicate has evolved once more under President George M. Weah. In it all, Liberia and Liberians have become victimized by this form of institutionalized corruption and systemic sabotage. East International, a fraudulent company that does not even have a website to show any performance profile, is on the move again to engineer its usual scam…

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Beyond this end, I admonish you to reject any petition calling on you to run in Montserrado County because caving into such a call would be a risky adventure. Any action contrary to my advice would end up as a mere political fiasco. To conclude, let me reecho my thesis: Wrong Timing – Unsafe Zone – Risky Adventure. Let this be a resounding reminder as you contemplate on deciding your own political fate. The worst decision would be to contest as a CDC Candidate. The CDC only wants to use your face to repair its defaced political stature. Op-ed 

Risky Adventure – An Open Letter To GSA Director General Mary Tanyonoh Broh 

      Dear Madam Broh: As our Republic under President George M. Weah strives to remain democratically afloat during these very tragic times of governance breakdown and leadership shortfall, I am compelled to adorn you with esteemed compliments. On my behalf, please divulge similar sentiment of best wishes to your staff at the General Services Agency (GSA). Out of concern to safeguard your political future and out of curiosity to shield your legacy, I thought to pen this open letter to you for two (2) strategic reasons:   To…

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Monrovia – Liberia’s female national team has sailed through to the semifinal of the 2020 West African Football Union Tournament Zone-A currently taking place in Makenni, Sierra Leone, at the Wusum Field. Head coach Robert Lartey and his technical staff made two changes to the team that started the 3-0 defeat to Mali at the maiden edition of the West African Football Union (Wafu Zone A) women’s Nations Cup finals in Sierra Leone on 28 February. Sports 

Liberia Stops Gambia to Reach WAFU Semifinal

Monrovia – Liberia’s female national team has sailed through to the semifinal of the 2020 West African Football Union Tournament Zone-A currently taking place in Makenni, Sierra Leone, at the Wusum Field. Head coach Robert Lartey and his technical staff made two changes to the team that started the 3-0 defeat to Mali at the maiden edition of the West African Football Union (Wafu Zone A) women’s Nations Cup finals in Sierra Leone on 28 February. Earth Angels’ striker Kanties Sayee replaced Senior Professionals’ striker Bernice Willie and World Girls’…

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