CPP Framework is a “Carte Blanche” for Patronage and Protectionism – A Critique

  The Editor,   Article 10 Section 10:11 of “The CPP Framework” seemingly defeats the purpose and the genuineness of a viable opposition collaboration that is based on ideological conviction and philosophical belief(s). The framework is contentious, contagious, and undemocratic. It needs a careful relook and a critical readjustment. As I said, this framework is a “carte blanche” for patronage and protectionism. Here’s why. Liberians are overly desperate for a more genuine alternative after 24 months under the failing regime of footballing President George M. Weah. Such unquenched desperation has…

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In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

Laila Fofana: The Florence Nightingale of Liberia’s COVID- 19 Lockdown

  The Editor,   The delicate frame and gentle disposition of Madam Lalia Fofana must not be taken for granted. She is lively a strong-headed woman in what may appear as a down-to-earth character, a glimmer of hope, and a breath of fresh air during this pandemic. Having followed Madam Laila Fofana’s illuminating but torrid life journey from a very pastoral family to a benevolent philanthropist, I REMEMBER, I feel justified by my enthusiasm for accepting from the records, the privilege, and challenge of bringing it to the attention of…

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To sum it all, we must consolidate forces and revolt through the ballot or the bullet? This will be our own struggle not others. United front or no progress - there should be no such thing as middle ground or negotiation with reactionary forces. Thank about it. Onward to victory! Op-ed 

A New Paradigm and Beginning For Progressive Unity—-

  The Editor What if, Movement For Justice in Africa, [MOJA] Movement Social Democratic Alternative [MOSODA], One People Revolutionary Movement [OPRM], Economic Freedom Fighter Liberia [EFFL], Liberian People Party [LPP], National Democratic Coalition [NDC] &, etc put together and formulated a coalition/collaboration (united-front) of all Democratic Socialist political parties/movements & contested the 2023 elections under one banner, imagine what could be expected? All these institutions are of ONE in objective —Pan Africanism. Though some are renegades and weak in essence, a united front could strengthen their solidarity. I hate to…

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Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Chie, now President Pro Temp of the Senate has reportedly been using his muscles and close ties to President George Manneh Weah to cement control of the ministry by inserting close friends, business associates and former colleagues at the ministry in strategic positions of power over Liberia’s mineral resources. Public Policy 

A petition Expel Senator Albert Chie from the Liberian Senate

  The Editor, Upon the induction of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon who later pledged to take home at most 5,000 USD as salary and send any excess toward other social development purposes as well as declaring his assets, Senator Albert Chie responded with very disturbing threats. Historically, Senator Dillon’s actions are unprecedented in contemporary Liberian Politics. Here are Albert Chie’s exact comments; “This is a political house. Here we do politics. You were elected by the people of Montserrado but from today’s date, you belong to the Liberian Senate. The…

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“It cost millions of United States dollars to finance a Presidential political campaign. That he never failed when he was in the opposition. At that time, he was not a criminal but now that he has become President and investing his own money right here at home, they have a lot of unfounded things to say. But that is their business. The President remains focused on kicking this coronavirus out of our country and improving the economy for the better life of each of our fellow citizens,” he said. Culled www.liberianobserver.com/David Menjor Public Policy 

Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks because of hate, says Nagbe

    Information Minister Eugene Nagbe has defended the action of President George Weah to demolish and reconstruct his 9th street home, which is now been upgraded to presidential mansion status. In a rather tough reply to the President’s critics about his 9th Street’s property in Monrovia, Minister Nagbe said the Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks all because they hate him. “He gained that property in 1993. In fact, someone else came and claimed that land, causing the President now to spend another US$75,000 to reclaim it. The…

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Lawmakers, who are furious with the Speaker’s action, have been holding closed door discussions to plan his removal. Over the weekend, more than 22 of them gathered in the Port City of Buchanan to begin making their move – the kind that will involve massive political maneuvering and bickering. This is expected to be a long haul and probably a redux of past incidents that also saw the removal of two very influential House Speakers – Edwin Snowe and Alex Tyler. News 

Liberian legislators selling themselves to George Weah Approves Budget, Receive $17K Each

    The purpose of the US$17k given to each lawmaker is yet to be explained but according to sources in the legislature, it is part of inducement or agreement reached between them and Executive branch of government to waive six months of arrears owed them in petroleum coupon. When asked what the purpose of the US$17 was? One of the lawmakers who refused to speak to this paper on record said; “wait until you are a lawmaker then you will know why we are being given the check.” Over the weekend, President George M.…

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Currently, Dr. Jallah who is the Chairman of the JFK Board has again allowed the JFK’s CEO Dr. Jerry Brown to abandon the full-time job as the Administrator at the JFK to take on the case management at the 14th military hospital when other qualified medical doctors such as Dr. Philip Ireland an internist, Dr. Emmanuel Ekynebah, and others who could have served in that capacity considering that the JFK is the major referral hospital for Liberia. News 

FPA INVESTIGATION: Conflict of Interest – Liberia’s Health Minister’s Private Clinic Competes With JFK

    By Rodney Sieh Monrovia – An investigation by FrontPageAfrica has found that Health and Social Welfare Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has allegedly been diverting resources, including ambulances, fuel materials, and equipment from the Ministry and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center for her personal clinic, Hope for Women International. Prior to becoming minister, Dr. Jallah ran the Hope for Women located on the A.B. Tolbert Road in Paynesville and had another branch on the Marshall Road under construction. Minister’s Clinic Designated as Stationary Site The clinic on the…

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Report by Henry Karmo frontpageafricaonline.com Public Policy 

Guss Winn: Liberian Human Rights lawyers to Sue Liberia House of Representatives

    Monrovia – The office of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has denied the involvement of the speaker in the beating of Mr. Guss Winn, a painter who stormed the seat of the legislative branch Tuesday, demanding US$26,000 in debt. In a statement Wednesday, the Speaker’s office said stating, that at no time did the Speaker order the beating and inhumane treatment meted against Mr. Winn a local contractor who worked for the Legislature and is yet to receive his arrears. Video of Mr. Winn’s humiliation has gone viral on…

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Guss A. Winn, News 

Contractor brutalized in Liberia at Capitol Building for Protesting he be paid

    The grounds of the Capitol Building was a scene of action when a contractor on Tuesday who had gone to request members of the House of Representatives for his just pay in the tone of US25,000 after rendering services that august body was reportedly flogged by private security assigned to the House of Representatives for staging a protest in demand of his pay. The victim, Guss A. Winn, said he entered into an agreement with the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives about four months ago…

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Disclosing to the public the disbursement of funds at the Liberian Senate, declaring his assets, subject himself to double pay cut, influencing fellow Senators in debates and votes on critical national issues at the Liberian Senate such as the rejection of NEC Chairman nominee Nwabudike, interventions in distressing conditions of poor people are only a few examples of his leadership, faithfulness, and vision. I urge all well-meaning Liberians as well as CDCians to reject the negative propaganda scheme launched against Senator Dillon by the corrupt Weah CDC government and their surrogates. News 

Prince Johnson Contradicts AB Dillion, says Weah gave $200,000 bonus for SoE

  Staff Report As public outrage mounts in the wake of revelations by Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson that Legislators have received payout bonuses of US$6,000 as an inducement to affix their signatures of approval to the resolution authorizing the imposition of a State of Emergency, several legislators (names withheld) have shrugged off the charges claiming that the US$6,000 paid to each legislator was actually “operational funds” which have since gone unpaid for a little over two (2) years. This has left the public confused about who is indeed telling…

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