Even in their desperation for a bit of good news as they have drowned in a cesspool of bad narratives created by themselves, must they manufacture such a BLACK LIE about Weah's and his disreputable presidency? A president that is doing well by his people doesn't need public relations, his people will invariably be his PROs. They will echo his good news wide and loud. Can you guys stop this Hilarious Nonsense for a moment! Public Policy 

Liberia Revenue Authority Employee Reportedly Goes Missing, President Weah Quiet on the Issue

MONROVIA – A 38-year-old Enforcement Compliance Officer of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has surreptitiously gone missing days after departing his residence to reportedly drop off classified documents at the home of one of his bosses (name not mentioned) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. Family members of Mr. Saryon Moore raised the alarm over the weekend four days after his whereabouts couldn’t be known or traced. According to reports, Mr. Moore departed his ELWA residence in Paynesville at 5:00 PM to take some “important documents” to his workmate’s house at Duport Road.…

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ebony morrison Op-ed 

The Public and Private Sectors Must Reward Our Olympians!

  EDITORIAL The Liberian Listener, will like to take this time to congratulate the Liberian Olympic team that represented the country to the Tokyo 2020 fiesta currently underway in the Asian nation of Japan. The Editorial board especially thank hurdler Ebony Morrison, sprinter Joseph Fahnbulleh, and team captain Emmanuel Matadi. These Liberians put the country first and went all out to compete for our nation, without demanding anything, nor asking anyone or our national government for per diems or monetary contributions as they raised the flag. The Liberian Listener notes…

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abraham dillion Public Policy 

A Promise Betrayed – “The Light” is in Free Fall 

  By Martin K. N. Kollie   When Abraham Darius Dillon chose to ride a US$40,000 car as a public official, “The Light” got dimmed. When ADD admitted that he took money from corrupt Albert Chie to finance his senatorial campaign, “The Light” got dimmer. When he sacrilegiously defended Musa Bility’s loot, “The Light” got blurred. When ADD lied about not flying business class, “The Light” became more blurred. The receipt of 30k, without any remorse for competing national priorities and public interest amid COVID-19 pandemic, has placed “The Light”…

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alaric tokpa Op-ed 

Comrade Alaric Tokpa: The time has come for the progressive community to hold together

By Alaric Tokpa Dear comrades, many thanks for all the best wishes on this day. Your messages I receive with honor; as your love of country and commitment to struggle for genuine progressive social change are great sources of inspiration and courage. I have no doubt that victory is certain because of the new intelligence, energy, and fortitude that you all bring to struggle. After all, “that which is new and growing is more powerful than that which is old and dying.” So you are all adorable and should always…

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AP Photo/Petr David Josek) Sports 

Joseph Fahnbulleh is knocking on the door of earning Liberia’s first Olympic medal.

  The 2019 Hopkins grad, who holds the Minnesota high school state records in both the 100- and 200-meter dashes, sprinted his way into the Olympic men’s 200 final with an impressive semifinal performance Tuesday evening in Tokyo (Tuesday morning Central time). Fahnbulleh finished with a time of 19.99 seconds in the semifinals. The top two finishers in each of the three semifinals automatically qualify for the final. Fahnbulleh, Canada’s Aaron Brown and the United States’ Noah Lyles were featured in a photo finish. The official order: Brown, Fahnbulleh and…

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abraham dillion Op-ed 

Liberty Senator Dillon’s Diminishing Integrity, Dwindling Morale, As He is Caught Pants Down!

    By Ekena Wesley Nearly 19 months ago when we sought to equate Senator Abraham Darius Dillon to some of the finest advocates in the pursuit of social justice the world over, our commentary was greeted with outright mixed feelings. We went neck-to-neck with a childhood friend and comrade who had vehemently disagreed with our candid perspectives. In was an exchange not necessarily aimed at defending Darius Dillon, but one which had pigeon-holed the Montserrado Senator in a sphere never heard of in the history of the Liberian Senate,…

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abraham dillion Editor's Desk 

The Arrogance Of Power: And You, Too, Senator Dillon?

SENATOR ABRAHAM DARIUS Dillon rode on the coattails of a nation unhappy with the state of affairs of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government. A DWINDLING ECONOMY, a leadership battling criticisms of neglecting its grassroots base and an ever-growing sense of urgency that Africa’s oldest republic had once again been betrayed by leadership gaffes which has rocked the very foundation of freedom and independence of a country lingering in abject poverty, abuse of resources a recurring dilemma of economic and political malaise. IN HIS CANDIDACY, Liberians saw a light,…

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Monrovia Lounge, Fermi Williams Society Arts & Leisure 

A Cultural Hub In The Heart of Dallas: Monrovia Lounge Reopens

Staff Report When relentless but powerful storm and rain turned into an uncontrollable flood that pummeled Texas and surrounding states a few months ago, little did anyone expect that much of the southeastern United States, that produced the powerful winds would also affect the Monrovia Lounge—an enterprising Liberian business, which got damaged severely by the catastrophe. The damage was so extensive, according to the owners that, resurrecting the restaurant took all the resolve and energy they could gather to open their doors again. The Monrovia Lounge was begun according to…

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Sarpo Giant Sports 

Liberia: Prince Kaydee aka ‘Sarpo Giant’ Wins Mr. Montserrado Weightlifting Competition

    Monrovia – Prince Kaydee, commonly known as Sarpo Giant, has been crowned weight champion of Montserrado County. Sarpo Giant who represented Lion Heart Gym walked away with the prestigious title on Friday, May 14 at the Sports Commission after defeating three additional athletes in the competition organized by the strength of the Lion Gym and All Starts Bodybuilders Competition. The Competition which is the first of its kind over 10 years brought together weightlifters from across the 17 districts in  Montserrado County to determine who is the strongest man…

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“There is a talent entrusted to you. It is your duty to call into action the highest forms of your being. It does not matter what your calling may be – whether it be what men call menial or what the world calls honorable – whether it be to speak in the halls of Congress or to sweep out those halls – whether it be to wait upon others or to be waited on— it is the manner of using your faculties that will determine the result- that will determine your true influence in this world and your status in the world to come. Everyone should do his part to advance humanity. Each should exert himself to be a helper in progress. Whatever your condition, you do occupy some room in the world; what are you doing to make return for the room you occupy? There are so many of our people who fail to realize their responsibility, who fail to hear the inspiring call of the past and the prophetic call of the future.” This article was first published in kentakepage.com, in 2015 Op-ed 

PAN AFRICANISM: The decline of Liberia in black internationalism

BY Brooks Marmon In 2019, the Government of Ghana ran a successful campaign, the Year of Return, marketing the country as a beacon for the African diaspora. Drawing upon commemorations marking the 400th anniversary of the introduction of slavery in the English colony of Virginia, the initiative primarily targeted black Americans and attracted high-profile visitors like Cardi B, Steve Harvey, and Ilhan Omar.Next year marks the bicentennial of black American settlement under white American direction in Liberia, Ghana’s regional neighbor. The resulting “Americo-Liberian” settler group ruled over the country following its 1847 independence from the…

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