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Dr. Nyan is globally recognized for inventing the Rapid Multiplex Pathogen Diagnostic Test (now called, the Nyan-Test), which detects multiple infections in less than an hour. He recently received a US Patent for the invention from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He is also a former student activist at the University of Liberia and an executive of the Liberia National Students Union who was arrested for pro-democratic activism, imprisoned, and exiled by the Samuel Doe government in 1988. Op-ed 

Liberia: Corrupt Culprits Cannot Investigate Corrupt Culprits

    The Editor, The entire country (Liberia) is likely still traumatized from the 14 years of uncivil war, violence and killings, but most people tend to be in denial. As a nation, we have done nothing much in implementing the recommendations of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Is this among reasons why corrupt, economic crimes, rape, injustices, and impunity are on the rise? Is this among reasons why social neglect, institutionalized violence, violations, tribalism, and misrule are all on the rise? Are we nearing the status of a…

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When the foundation was launched in June, the First Lady listed the construction of maternity hospital, schools and the Hope Community for the less fortunate as well as advocating against gender-based violence and implementing agricultural programs among the goals for the organization. Launching the foundation at the weekend, the First Lady said her goal was to give young people and the elderly hope. News 

US$1 Million Allocated in Fiscal Budget to Weah’s Wife Clar

    First Lady Clar Weah: ‘I need US$10M’   FPA—When crafters of the code put those laws into place, the idea was to prevent public officials and employees of government from giving preferential treatment to individuals, corporations or institutions, while performing official duties. The wife of President George Manneh Weah, First Lady Clar Weah, officially launched a foundation aptly named, The Clar Hope Foundation, presented as a non-political initiative aimed at creating an equitable society in Liberia where women and children are healthy, provided education and fully empowered to…

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There is also the other side to FGC, that of the harmful health implications on women and the violation of their human rights. Undoubtedly, FGC is an impediment to the health and well-being of women who undergo such procedure and poses considerable health risks and even death. Op-ed 

Tradition and the New Liberia: Rite of Passage or Rightful Passage?

    By: Jackie Sayegh Traditional secret societies in Liberia have come under intense scrutiny in recent months especially when the discussion centers on female genital circumcision (FGC). On foreign news feeds and media outlets, Liberia has become the main course in this flavor-of-the- month buffet thanks to journalist Mae Azango and more recently, former Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpan. Kpan has gone further to label traditional secret societies in Liberia as “evil and demonizing.” Such societies, she claims, pose “threats” to national security and she called on the United…

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As I see it, there is no other explanation for this government’s continuous intimidations of critics, but to force those it considers oppositions to be loyal followers; thereby creating a monolithic political society in which CDC’s grand vision of a one-party state will prevail. But Liberians have come a long way in pursuit of multiparty democracy and the notion that Liberia will be a one-party state is a dangerous foreplay in our political dialectics and a choice we are unwilling to stomach. Op-ed 

“The Ultimate Goal Of The CDC Is To Make Liberia A One-Party State”,

The looming danger of a one-party state in Liberia   The idea that Liberia can become a one-party state seems like a distant reality, but the probability of such is becoming all too real under the Coalition of Democratic Change’s administration. Recent statements by Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change in Brooklyn Park, MN USA and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor in Bong County are clear and irrefutable evidence that the grand vision of the Coalition of Democratic Change or CDC is to transform Liberia into a…

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Martin continued: “President Weah and Min. Nathaniel McGill hired and paid ex-Rebel Generals to forcibly arrest Hon. Kolubah. Who are they to give an elected official a 72-hour ultimatum to report himself or risk being dragged?” News 

Activist Attacked But DEA Security Claims Attack

  Rodney Sieh   Monrovia FPA– At around 10:30pm Friday, Martin Kollie says he was taking one of his Student Unification Party militants’ home when he received a call from other party members who were hanging out at the Renaissance Bar on Duport Road in Paynesville. Mr. Kollie, the controversial secretary-general of the Student Unification Party of the University of Liberia, broke his silence Sunday, for the first time since reports of his alleged abduction and beating by unknown forces, he says were instructed by the Liberian government to do…

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It has become a pungent phenomenon in the history of humanity that discredited regimes faced with the heroic defiance of a mobilized people against all the filths and dirty tricks of the establishment, fearing that playing hardball would lead to its decisive crushing under the revolutionary weight of the enraged masses, agents of such bankrupt order would collapse into political posturing and dangle before the people a call for unity and dialogue—an inglorious pretext meant to save the neck of the regime from the noose in order to continue the spree of social domination. Business News 

George Weah Call For Roundtable Talks On Economy Absurd

  Resistance 10– George Weah Calls for a roundtable on the economy: an infantile hot air beyond absurdity   The Editor,   It has become a pungent phenomenon in the history of humanity that discredited regimes faced with the heroic defiance of a mobilized people against all the filths and dirty tricks of the establishment, fearing that playing hardball would lead to its decisive crushing under the revolutionary weight of the enraged masses, agents of such bankrupt order would collapse into political posturing and dangle before the people a call…

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The UN Envoy expressed commitment to working with the Liberian Government in achieving the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. However, he noted that UN adheres strictly to its fiduciary standards to safeguard UN funds against misuse and integrity risks. Business News 

Can The IMF Safe Liberia?

    Lawrence Kennedy   I am always fascinated by the faith developing countries place in a supranational organization like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to swoop down into a country and save it from social and economic meltdown. I will approach this short opinion piece by tackling two concepts. The first one is easy, and the second – a bit difficult. The first claim is to demonstrate that supranational organizations like the IMF is the problem and they are more apt to create an atmosphere…

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• The open threat made by President Weah on the very eve of the protest to ruthlessly crush critical voices who expose him and his mental weakness and for whom he is and for what they are: a leader with no foresight but with the revolting penchant for theft on an infamous scale, who is incapable of making generalization, who has no original thought on anything, and who has an underdeveloped brain for reasoning but yet fenced himself with mediocrities and simpletons. Op-ed 

No To The Hypocrisy Of The ECOWAS!

    The Editor, Following the success of day 1 of the protest action held by the Council of Patriots (COP), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) released a statement in Monrovia, frowning on the Council of Patriots (COP) for refusing to submit its petition to the government of Liberia, even in the face of the bridge of the agreement by the GOL that the Vice President of Liberia in Jewel Howard Taylor would descend on the grounds of the protest to receive the petition from the COP…

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These are the same young people who saw Mr. Weah as the “Country Giant.” Even though then-candidate Weah never had a debate with any of his opponents during the presidential campaign to know his local and world views of the issues, and he never held a press conference, and never put forward his governing platform and ideas, Liberians foolishly voted for George Manneh Weah. Op-ed 

June 7th A Call To Action In Liberia

  By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh Never overlook the power of protest. It is real.   People’s power is real in Liberia. The protest you saw in Liberia on June 7 is an expression of anger and dissatisfaction with a grossly insensitive, incompetent and corrupt Liberian government that wouldn’t change course and address prevailing national issues that affect the Liberian people. The prevailing national issues that require the attention of President Weah are many: poverty and hunger, massive unemployment, massive public-sector corruption, the culture of impunity, accountability, the establishment of a war…

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George Weah threatens critics: “you will not walk the streets freely”

    On the eve of the June 7 anti-government protest in Monrovia, President George Manneh Weah has warned citizens in the habit of publicly insulting and ridiculing him that he will no longer tolerate their actions Speaking when he dedicated a market in the Monrovia suburb of Duport Road in Paynesville on Thursday, June 6, 2019, President Weah [said] defied such individuals to continue their attacks on him. In a serious mood, President said: “Those that are constantly insulting the President. I want to [make this clear]. That after this,…

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