“FIFA Legacy of Corruption Under Blatter and Bility Pledge to End it”

The Editor, Does Musa Bility have the credibility to become FIFA’s president and clean up its corruption? The answer is a big fat NO! (Re “FIFA Legacy of Corruption Under Blatter and Bility Pledge to End it”) Look, FIFA is starving for a leader with good moral character, so how can you expect a ‘back-scratcher’ like Bility, to clean up its corruption, when much of Bility’s past is sketchy? 1) Does a man (Bility) who accepted bribe money for his vote to grant the World Cup to Qatar sounds someone…

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Like FIFA’s Sepp Blater: LFA’s Musa Bility must be investigated

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh Public corruption is a huge problem in Liberia, even in Liberian football. The Liberian Football Association (LFA), which is a part of the Liberian political, cultural and social landscape, is no exception regarding the issue of rampant corruption that enveloped the entire country over the years. Liberians (God, bless their forgiving, loving and tolerant hearts), in the midst of enormous suffering are aware of corruption and the gross inequality they’ve encountered and experienced in their own country. Liberians are also aware of the endless stories of corruption…

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Weah Appeal For Suspended Players

        LFA Press Release The governing body of local football, Liberia Football Association, LFA, has officially lifted an indefinite ban placed in mid June 2012 on three top notched actors of the senior national football team of Liberia. Francis Grandpa Doe, Dioh Williams and Anthony Laffor (then captain) were banned for acts mismatched with guiding principles of the national under former coach Kaetu Smith, whose recommendation for suspension of the trio was backed by the LFA and they were indefinitely thrown out of the national mid way…

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