And finally please ENCOURAGE your supporters to continue supporting you substantively rather than keep cursing and disrespecting the Liberian citizens who are taxpayers and who basically own the country. Their unruly behavior reflects negatively on you and makes your critics unpatriotic to our country. Finally, please clear the confusion surrounding your faith. Are you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc? Thank you, sir. Public Policy 

Former TRC Commissioner Calls out Laymah Gbowee

    The Editor,   I am not going to say what people want to hear. I am not going to join the cheerleaders who will instantaneously start singing the praises of individuals whatever the matter. I do not worry about being liked because I know no matter what I say, or do whether appropriate or not, everybody will not like me. I do not have to be accepted or be a part of the crowd. I am comfortable walking alone. In short I will remain me. ” Know thyself”…

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The Critical Role of Liberian Women in Society

By Josephus Moses Gray It is imperative for a liberal society such as ours to encourage women, to enhance the growth and development of the society, so as to enable them excel. Any society that downplays the ability of women and that continues to subscribe to outdated beliefs which prohibit the advancement of women such society will always be at conflict with itself. Giving the information gathered during this research, it is all clear that women have become victims of not only war but of so many unfortunate practices that…

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