The One People Revolutionary Movement [OPRM] says it has uncovered a diabolical plan by the George Weah administration to arrest its leader Comrade Moncio Kpadeh. The leaked according to the OPRM is political and subversion, that has nothing to do with the breaking story The Parrot News website has published regarding circumstances surrounding the mysterious and tragic killing of Audit Chief Emmanuel Nyensua of the Internal Audit Agency or IAA which went viral recently. Rather than unleashing security agents to pursue Comrade Leader Moncio Kpadeh and Editor Julius Jaesen of the Parrot News website, a responsible and intelligent government would rather choose the path of litigation if it feels or believes the Parrot outlet has done anything transgressive to its image or those of its officials named in the story. Op-ed 

Governance Must Be About The People, The People, and The People

  There is and has always been a missing link in the governance of Liberia, which is ZERO EMPHASIS ON THE PEOPLE. It has been a marauding specter of brazen evil where the ruling governors and their cohorts get richer and gleefully live a garish lifestyle while the people on whose backs they accentuate to power are subjected to extreme poverty year in, year out. You may describe such sprawling degeneracy as a Vicious Cycle or a Pendulum of despair and trauma. Government, as we know, is established primarily to…

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To sum it all, we must consolidate forces and revolt through the ballot or the bullet? This will be our own struggle not others. United front or no progress - there should be no such thing as middle ground or negotiation with reactionary forces. Thank about it. Onward to victory! Op-ed 

The OPRM Extends Sobering Independence Day felicitations to Fellow Citizens

  For Immediate Release   The One People Revolutionary Movement under the acronym ‘OPRM’ wishes fellow Liberians an independence day of sober reflection, rather than an independence day of celebration. The One People Revolutionary Movement(OPRM) has morally inferred, like all truthful Liberians, that this brand new age(173) of Liberia comes with so much political despair, socioeconomic misery, and harsh poverty. Rightfully, a hungry man cannot celebrate his poverty, but he must strategically plan to unshackle himself from his squalor. Now that the Special Senatorial Elections are facing us, as December…

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