“It’s unfortunate that he (Cummings) will say that as a political leader of an institution. For Hon. Cummings to say I came forcibly asking him out of the county-that is not true. It was something that was suggested by the Deputy Police commander in the county in the presence of Hon. Cummings. Hon. Cummings even asked me, but what’s your suggestion? And I told him that based upon the advice of the Joint Security; I think that this is something that we should go by.” A leaked audio in the possession of FPA shows Supt. Farley in a heated exchange, giving mandate to Rep. Kolubah and Mr. Cummings to depart the county. Report FPA/Obediah Johnson. Read full report here Public Policy 

Supt. Kai Farley Chased Opposition ANC leader out of Grand Gedeh County!

    Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Kai Farley has disclosed that the Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings and his entourage, including Montserrado County Representative Yekeh Kolubah, surreptitiously entered into the county without the consent of the local authorities and security apparatus. Speaking to FrontPageAfrica late Thursday, Mr. Farley said Mr. Cummings and Representative Kolubah failed to notify his office, and security actors about their arrival in line with what leaders of other political parties normally do whenever they pay a visit to Grand Gedeh.…

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