14. A disillusioned "popular" president was afraid to go and receive a petition from his own people who overwhelmingly elected him. Something may have gone wrong after 18 months. The Real Fact: The economy is bad while corruption and dictatorship remain prevalent. This was never THE CHANGE Mr. Weah promised. So, we The People, didn’t miss out on any opportunity. Do not be Op-ed 

Gains vs. Losses On The June 7th Protest

  Gains vs. Losses: The real petition came from THE PEOPLE – What did we achieve?   In my opinion, we didn’t lose or miss out on any opportunity. The PEOPLE were heard so loudly through slogans, songs, battle-cries, leaflets, banners, posters and random interviews. What more does any honest or serious government need to hear or receive in order to act? Paper petition from COP which you have already tagged ‘unrealistic’ and ‘trashy’? The REAL PETITION came directly from our PEOPLE. They were pragmatic, bold and fearless on June…

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These are the same young people who saw Mr. Weah as the “Country Giant.” Even though then-candidate Weah never had a debate with any of his opponents during the presidential campaign to know his local and world views of the issues, and he never held a press conference, and never put forward his governing platform and ideas, Liberians foolishly voted for George Manneh Weah. Op-ed 

June 7th A Call To Action In Liberia

  By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh Never overlook the power of protest. It is real.   People’s power is real in Liberia. The protest you saw in Liberia on June 7 is an expression of anger and dissatisfaction with a grossly insensitive, incompetent and corrupt Liberian government that wouldn’t change course and address prevailing national issues that affect the Liberian people. The prevailing national issues that require the attention of President Weah are many: poverty and hunger, massive unemployment, massive public-sector corruption, the culture of impunity, accountability, the establishment of a war…

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