As I see it, there is no other explanation for this government’s continuous intimidations of critics, but to force those it considers oppositions to be loyal followers; thereby creating a monolithic political society in which CDC’s grand vision of a one-party state will prevail. But Liberians have come a long way in pursuit of multiparty democracy and the notion that Liberia will be a one-party state is a dangerous foreplay in our political dialectics and a choice we are unwilling to stomach. Op-ed 

Unmasking former Chief Injustice Francis Saye Korkpor

By John H.T. Stewart Does Chief Injustice Francis Saye Korkpor really expect laurels from the public for his dismal and corrupt performance?A laundry list of his dirty deeds committed while in that noble office is too long to detail here. Under his watch, judicial workers went unpaid for prolonged periods. They protested on the grounds of the Temple of Justice but Mr. Chief Injustice, Francis Saye Korkpor, remained indifferent showing no concern. The protesters were instead met by vigorous Police action under his orders. He had first issued threats of…

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John stewart Op-ed 

John Stewart Reflects On George Boley’s Warpaths

Inside John Stewart’s Narrative With George Boley: “More Yoyo, “More Blessing,” Meaning ”Confusion & Unrestricted Looting” For days on end during the months of September and October 1994, the attention of the nation was drawn continuously to media reports, especially BBC reports about the fall of Charles Taylor’s Gbarnga stronghold to opposing rebel forces. Then, rebel leader, Charles Taylor was attending a peace conference in Accra, Ghana. For weeks, the nation was held in suspense not knowing what was actually obtaining in Gbarnga amid media reports of intense fighting, indiscriminate…

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