Does President GMW understand "The Politics of Rice and Gas" and its corresponding consequences? April 14, 1979 Riot was provoked by RICE and GAS. The President along with his idol worshipers needs to read dialectics. The high demand for gas due to its prolonged shortage is sharply increasing the prices of basic goods and services under this regime. The "Change for Hope" slogan has become another mere fiasco and a promise betrayed. Op-ed 

Weah’s Monstrous Complex Vs. The Tiny 14th Military Hospital – 10 Reasons

    The Editor, As men and women in arms observe the 63rd Armed Forces Day, President George M. Weah has for the third time toured the 14th Military Hospital even though it is yet to be fully completed and equipped with medical facilities and the requisite manpower. The hospital, which sits on 5 of 75 acres, was inspected again by the Commander-in-Chief on Monday, February 10, 2020. This project appears to be the biggest achievement of the CDC-led government after 2 years in power. But pro-CDC fanatics and pro-Weah…

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