Beyond this end, does Chief ‘Ponofalo’ Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor really have a future in CDC ahead of 2023 elections? It is likely that the Coalition for Democratic Change may severely crack if she is ousted. History is not too far from documenting this CRACK which puts the Liberian people in a better position of reclaiming their socio-economic and political destiny. It will be more advantageous for Liberia and Liberians if CDC crumbles under its own weight ahead of 2020 and 2023 elections. The struggle to redeem Liberia and Liberians remain unabated. Editor's Desk 

The poor deplorable conditions of our hospitals.

EDITORIAL _____ The current deplorable conditions of the Liberian HEALTH CARE SYSTEM is beyond deplorable, broken and stretched, as Liberian citizens continue to die of preventable diseases and care, all because the national leaders who are misappropriating and appropriating the megre national purse are paying themselves TOO MUCH exorbitant salaries, perks, emoluments and crazy bonuses, while our poor people have no way out, but to suffocate under a punishing and draconian system that continue to deny them better lives in their own country of birth, this is denying them peace…

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