Liberia: similarities of samuel Dokie and Harry Greaves Jr. deaths

By Frank Sainworla, Jr. It is true that pent up emotions and wild speculations must not be allowed to prejudice investigations into the death of long-time politician and one time close confidante-turned stern critic of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr. But circumstantial evidence shows his was indeed not a natural death, thus raising eyebrows. Indeed, a fact that his driver had said he dropped his boss off at the RLJ hotel in Monrovia’s Paynesville suburb by Friday afternoon (January 29, 2016) only for his naked body to…

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Former police Boss, Chris Massaquoi, is under police probe in connection to the death of Journalist Tyron Brown. According to reports, Jonathan Williams, the suspected murderer of the journalist, told police investigators that he immediately called Mr. Massaquoi who drove on the scene, where the deceased was killed. Politics 

Greaves Body A Forensic Look: fire the police director for incompetence

High profile deaths: Keith Jubah, Fiyiah Saah Gbolie, Michael Allison, Harry Greaves etc etc As the United Nation mission draws down in Liberia, the safety and security of individual citizens should be a cause of grave concern to law enforcement authorities. Over the last eight years, several eminent individuals in Liberia have either been murdered, or died under unusual circumstances. Given the sparse occurrences of these tragic incidences, most of the high-profile deaths in Liberia have gone unnoticed. Interestingly, these rare tragic passing occurred under the leadership of Africa’s first…

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Gongloe Wants RJL Kedeja Questioned In Greaves Death

MONROVIA—Barely four days after the former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), Harry Greaves, went missing at the RLJ Hotel, a former Liberian Government official says the hotel should be ‘a place of interest’ for investigators after it was confirmed that the deceased was last seen at the hotel. Former Solicitor General, Taiwon Gongloe, believes that the hotel management and employees should be questioned by investigators in order to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding his death. He said the unexplained death of Mr. Greaves should be…

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