Establishment of the WECC must be a welcomed development for Liberia, not only will it boost the Liberian economy, but it will boost the capacity of the corrupt judiciary, entrench the international law regime in the country and advance Liberia’s international law jurisprudence and human rights and humanitarian law regimes that may eventually lead Liberia to becoming a Universal Jurisdiction where there is no safe haven for war crimes, crimes against humanity and International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law violations and violators;      Public Policy 

Liberia: Justice Group Accuses Weah-Led Govt of Recruiting Ex-Combatants, Putting Them on Payroll

    Washington – The International Justice Group has accused the George Manneh Weah-led government of clandestinely enlisting, recruiting and mobilizing former combatants and demobilized ex-generals for active duties on his government’s payroll. ICJ, in a petition to the government calling for the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ICG) Saturday, said amidst allegations that President Weah made a pact with President Johnson Sirleaf and Senator Prince Johnson to shield them and their family from justice, ex-combatants are resurrecting and resurfacing in Liberia. Amongst those named by the…

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