Plans to Unveil a Bust of Marcus Garvey in Ethiopia Revealed

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Now, 81 years after his death, officials in Ethiopia plan to unveil a Bronze Sculpture in Addis Ababa to honor the legacy of the Pan African independence movement architect. According to a news release, the sculpture highlights Ethiopia as a focal point for Pan-Africanists to engage in constructing a unifying African heritage and destiny. “Our history began, in a sense, with Ethiopia,” Dr. Julius Garvey, Marcus Garvey’s youngest son, told NNPA Newswire. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once called Marcus Garvey the first “man on a mass…

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Ethiopian Journalist’s Plight Evokes Apartheid ‘Terrorism’ Law

By Zakes Mda The continued detention of Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega, who is serving an 18-year sentence as a convicted terrorist in Kaliti prison outside Addis Ababa, is emblematic of the systematic harassment and incarceration of independent journalists in that country. The government in Addis would have the world believe that Eskinder is a reckless, even racist, agitator bent on violent revolution. Yet a review of the evidence against him and his writings reveals instead a thoughtful and principled man whose only crime has been to urge, peacefully and publicly,…

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