Thanks to every one of you that are standing for JUSTICE. At the moment, I am still being detained at the LNP headquarters. I was beaten mercilessly by EPS and turned over for charges. I am presently at the LNP. The beaten style included putting a blanket around my face to step on my side of my ears while been kick by many of the EPS Securities. Representatives from the House, my lawyer and a UN representative is seeking my release to go to the hospital.. My wallet and my phone or taken away. A total of 1,800 stolen from me. All this for the fight for War and Economic Crimes Court. News 

BREAKING… War Crimes Court advocate Emmanuel Savice brutalized and detained in Liberia

Emmanuel savice., the popular war crimes court advocate who has petitioned the Liberian government and the international community for war and economic crimes was brutalized and detained today in Monrovia, Liberia according to reports. Mr. Savice a former Liberian journalist is a well-known talk show host in Liberia but lives in Canada. Savice wrote on his Facebook page a few minutes ago: Thanks to every one of you that are standing for JUSTICE. At the moment, I am still being detained at the LNP headquarters. I was beaten mercilessly by…

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During the Legislative conference, Professor Olympia Beko, head of the international criminal justice unit of the human rights law centre, University of Nottingham, and David Scheffer, first U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues (1997-2001), will provide expert advice to members of the Legislature and Liberian stakeholders working on the Draft Act to Establish an Extraordinary Tribunal for War and Economic Crimes for Liberia via video-conference. Op-ed 

Emmanuel Savice: We can not afford to let these murderers go free with impunity!

By Emmanuel Savice As a kid growing up, I knew nothing about violence. I lived in a peaceful country (Liberia), where our parents had little opportunities to provide for the family. As little the opportunities were, they took advantage of it. They fed us with their sweat. They went fishing, hunting and they were happy to work as cooks, house cleaners and securities for the powers that be. Out of that peanut income, they managed to provide life basic necessities for their children. It was never the most decent homes,…

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Politics Tributes 

Tribute: Joe Max Hinneh, Jr. 1978-2016

By Emmanuel Savice I write with great sadness over the unbelievable loss of a very good friend, a family friend, to an unknown illness in Liberia these past few weeks—a sad tragedy indeed—because the health situation in our country is bad, and the government cannot guaranteed adequate, or a some sort of partial health care to its citizens, my friend’s illness was undiagnosed, in Liberia in this 21lst century. I encountered my friend, the late Joe Max Hinneh Jr, in the early part of 1995, and we have remained friends…

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Edmonton: Team Savice Cautions Election Committee

Press Release Team Savice Dear Chairman Steve Wonplo & Members of the Election Committee: EDMONTON AB, AUGUST 6, 2015 2015—We have received your communication about your intent to hold election on Saturday, August 8, 2015 despite numerous communications advising you to remain engaged with all stakeholders and be inclusive in the electoral process. We wholeheartedly welcome the idea of having election for the Liberian Friendship Society of Canada. However, we strongly opposed any elections in which the Election Commission (EC) will be responsible for verifying registration list, deciding who meets…

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