Disclosing to the public the disbursement of funds at the Liberian Senate, declaring his assets, subject himself to double pay cut, influencing fellow Senators in debates and votes on critical national issues at the Liberian Senate such as the rejection of NEC Chairman nominee Nwabudike, interventions in distressing conditions of poor people are only a few examples of his leadership, faithfulness, and vision. I urge all well-meaning Liberians as well as CDCians to reject the negative propaganda scheme launched against Senator Dillon by the corrupt Weah CDC government and their surrogates. Op-ed 

Endorsing Sen. Abe Dillon’s Action as a Member of the CDC

By James Nan Larsah, Jr. I am a longstanding member of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), one of means, standing, and record, and I have a clear understanding of the propaganda scheme orchestrated against Senator Abe Darius Dillon by mainly elements of the corrupt ruling establishment in Liberia over the Senator’s exposure of funds disbursement at the Liberian Senate. While I remain a member of the CDC, I refuse, reject, and vehemently denounce any notion of a CDCian as one whose loyalty to the party and party leaders is…

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For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator. News 

Sen. Dillon Exposes US$15K Ridiculous Monthly Pay for Liberian Senators

    Monrovia – The salary and or incentives of lawmakers have always been one of the untouchables of the Legislature. Lawmakers have kept to their chests the information about how much they earn monthly from taxpayers’ monies. It was a campaign promise by candidate Abraham Darius Dillon to make public his salary and incentives as a senator if elected by electorates of Montserrado County something all the lawmakers have considered sacred and personal. For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon…

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