Liberians must brace themselves for the future. With Sirleaf protection still in play[ellen Sirleaf demanded protection for she and her cronies and family before she left power, it is rumored she paid off Weah and thus her PROTECTON], Morlu's remarks that if the CDC loses POWER it's partisans and Mr. Weah won't be protected, is also a cause for concerns. The Controversial CDC Chairman made those remarks during the bring back our money campaign. His utterances say even if Weah left power today he might seek protection or Sirleaf post-transition or Presidency arrangements, that now sees her absolved of all crimes or prosecution for PROTECTION. What we have on our hands, is a party---THE CONGRESS FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, that may not want to leave POWER volunteeringly---and is refusing all attempts to reform the election Commission for an even playing field. The all-important election is headed by Ellen Sirleaf stooge, who is at best controversial and lacks credibility. Op-ed 

The Intolerance of George Weah, and his CDC: Protests & Democracy In Liberia!

The Editor, There were protests yesterday: under Pres. Tolbert (eg. Matthews and the Progressives), Sirleaf (CDC parading caskets and blood stained panties in the streets, which they claimed belong to Madame Sirleaf) and protest under Samuel Doe (esp university students at his throat). Doe particularly hated protests so much, going as far as sending the army on the University of Liberia campus to brutalize students. Under Sirleaf, while she had her reservations, she allowed the Congress Party and George Weah and his people to demonstrate. But under President Weah, there…

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Going forward, our people should use struggle credentials and integrity as key evaluation mechanisms for leadership. Isn’t it amazing that a person has spent over 50 years of his existence, yet throughout such a person was anonymous in struggles to concern the welfare of the masses? If you didn’t defend us while not elected into public office, how could you justly serve us when we give you leadership? That way we can avoid these kinds of catastrophes like the Weah one. If dignity and freedom are our demands — then the struggle is our school! The Fatherland or death—the choice is clear!  Op-ed 

Illusions like fads are short-lived the Liberian masses in action — a sign of the time

    The Editor, As one keen observer stated, footballers are the modern equivalents of the gladiators of antiquity. Like the gladiators they entertain people — that helps to ease out stress and distress. In this craft—most often—lumpen elements are the ones who permanently find solace in venturing into it to attain material salvation. Long ago in Europe and America, those societies faced problems from the lumpen. They needed a way out of the crisis and where they could offload these wretched of the earth. Thus, individuals and groups want…

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Again the Congo elite found this new ethnicity unwelcoming, seeing it as a threat to their power. They complained to the president and suggested for him to go slow with the changes. Despite the complaints and suggestion, Tubman continued with the reforms as they increased his popularity in the country. He wore a country gown at tribal functions, and particularly in his home county Maryland, people called him a Grebo native man. Tubman, a native man, and no one complained or accused him of tribalism. Public Policy 

Chaos and brutality in Liberian politics Part II

    By Dagbayonoh Kiah Nyanfore II   Tubman’s strategies and ethnic politics  Tubman’s control of Liberia and the use of tribalism and Congoism were skillfully implemented. Studies show that past Liberian politicians utilized tribalism and ethnicity to their advantage. Tubman as a boy wanted to become a minister of the Lord. His parents came to Liberia in 1844 as freed slaves from Georgia. His father Alexander Tubman was a Methodist pastor and the Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives. At first, the [son] Tubman started as a poor…

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Africa Union: An Old Boys Club Of Oppressive Leaders?

        In his address to the OAU general assembly, Afewerki observed, “We do not find membership of this organisation, under present circumstances, spiritually gratifying or politically challenging.” In his inaugural speech to the Organisation of African Unity as its newest and 53rd member-state, President Isais Afewerki blasted the OAU on its failure to deliver on the founding principles such as its human rights agenda, and had been a chief contributor to the marginalisation of Africa. Two decades and a half later, nothing much has changed. Not even…

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Africa: A Continent Without Democrats

  By Reuben Abati The second wave of democratization in Africa, beginning in the 80s, and the gradual establishment of democracy as the new normal in the continent brought much hope and excitement. As we have seen in the recent intervention by the military in Zimbabwe, coup d’etats have become unpopular and unacceptable in the entire continent in deference perhaps to dominate global politics. In the past two decades, there have been many electoral transitions across the continent indicative of a pattern of democratic consolidation. In reality, however, mercenaries of…

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