For their part, some African countries have attempted to protect key elements of their forests with Gabon and Zambia banning exports of African rosewood. However, regulation is unlikely to stem the flow of exports if not properly implemented: a report in May found that around six million rosewood trees have been felled and exported to China since 2012 with corrupt officials forging paperwork to facilitate the illegal exports. culled from Quartz Public Policy 

China’s greed for rosewood furniture is depleting African forests

    A high-level government scandal in Gabon earlier this year has turned out to be the perfect illustration for just how serious the business of rosewood furniture is across Africa. Since first being crafted in China as far back as 1,000 BC, rosewood furniture, or hongmu as it’s also known, has been fashioned into imperial-era styled furniture pieces. But with several of China’s local rosewood types now listed as endangered or approaching that point, loggers and businesses have increasingly looked towards forests across Africa as a source for rosewood…

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