Remembering Thomas Sankara on the 30th anniversary of his assassination Tributes 

Remembering Sankara on the 30th anniversary of his assassination

Amber Murrey Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara (1949-1987) was assassinated 30 years ago, on 15 October 1987. He was one of the most confident and outspoken anti-imperialist leaders of the late 20th century. Sankara’s life and political praxis continue to be significant in shaping and inspiring anti-imperial and Pan-African youth activism and resistance across the African continent and beyond. Revolutionary “Madness” In terms of revolutionary movements in Africa, Sankara’s stands out not only because it occurred well after independence but also because of the ambition of its vision. Sankara was a…

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While there I received a call from my Wife that Richmond had gone missing. Because it was too late for me to return to Ganta, I managed to sleep and returned the next day. When I returned to Ganta, I reported the incident to the Women and Children Protection Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Ganta Depot. After reporting the case, my Family and other Community Dwellers started searching for the Boy. I was in the process of putting my Son particular together to take it to the radio stations for airing when I received a call that my son’s body has been discovered in a Well. News 

Boy Falls In Well, Liberian Police yet to make arrests

    Report by: G. Augustine Dahn   Little Richmond Wonyen who went missing on July 29, 2019, was discovered dead in a Well two days later after a rigorous search by his parents and other community dwellers.  Speaking to Voice of Gompa Wednesday, July 31, 2019, the Father of the boy described as mysterious the death of his son. Mr. Julius Wonyen explained that after spending July 26 with his Family in Ganta, he left for Monrovia the next Day to settle some financial obligations. “While there I received…

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Richard P. Feynman notes, ”The idea is to try to give all the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another. ” Unfortunately, this is the case with some Liberians who are community leaders, educated people, and advocates. The argument was never about whether Mr. Rockefeller Cooper completed medical school as it is been erroneously spread around. We contended that he is not qualified to perform an autopsy and forensic death investigation. We advised that it was in the family best interest to work with the government, and many of you ignorantly assumed that we were paid agents, speaking in the government’s interest. You attacked us with unfounded allegations and insults. Op-ed 

Doing things the ‘Liberian way’: A dangerous phenomenon!

  The Editor,   A group of sober-minded women reached out to a Liberian pathologist in the DMV area to advise them on how to proceed with the Odell Sharman autopsy. According to the lady who initiated the contact with the pathologist, the experienced Liberian pathologist told them exactly what we have previously recommended for the family. The doctor told them to work with the government of Liberia. He also calls into question the competence of Mr. Cooper to perform an autopsy and forensic death investigation. Meanwhile, the family of…

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