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SUP Declares Abraham Darius Dillion Persona Non Grata: Demands his immediate apology!

For Immediate Release The Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) Vehemently Condemns Senator Darius Dillon; Demands His Exigent Apology, and Concomitantly Frowns on the Game Theory of Victim of a Leftover in Richard Tolbert of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy! Sons and daughters of Liberia’s slum planet, i.e, West Point, Vai Town, Clara Town, Logan Town, Buzzi Quarter, Soneiwen, created by the 133 years of economic exclusion of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy; grandfathers and grandmothers condemned to illiteracy because of the wanton educational disequilibrium for…

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When a “saint” becomes stained with sin – The Case of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and an introspective look at post-Brumskine Liberty Party 

  By Martin K. N. Kollie   The soul of Liberia is being wrecked under a deluxe ex-soccer star and integrity is urgently required to salvage Liberians from this nightmare. The cherished ideals of our democracy are being briskly backpedaled. Must we sit back and allow this pervasive misfortune to inhibit our collective destiny and sovereignty?  History affords us only one choice at this critical juncture. And this choice is to speak truth to power – a truth that hurts but also heals – a truth that evokes boldness and…

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Darius Dillon the game is up: Change we can believe in or same old, same old?

Alfred Bombo Kiadii On yesterday, Darius Dillon took to Facebook to double down on his support for Musa Bility, the new chairperson of the Liberty Party. Despite claiming to be the self-styled ‘light’ at the legislature who is all for propriety in public service, Dillon enthusiastically defended his friend as he gyrated between throwing in biblical exegesis to suit his absurd special pleading while supplying arrogant defense to shut down dissent. His latest action, if it is any meter to measure his sincerity, shows he gives his friends a free…

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