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Didwho is pronounced as DEE-WOO. “Twe was born in Monrovia on April 14, 1879 to Klao (Kru) parents. He was light in complexion, with a cicatricle on his forehead, a mark that distinguished people of Klao ethnic group from other indigenous tribes. [Welleh Didwho] Twe received his early education from the American Methodist and Trinity Episcopal institutions, as well as Patsy Barclay Private School. Also, he graduated from Cuttington Collegiate and Divinity School in Cape Palmas, Maryland (Liberia). In 1894, a US Congressman by the name of William Grout assisted Twe to travel to the United States to further his studies. During his stay in the United States, Twe attended several institutions, which includes, St. Johnbury Academy in Vermont, Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Rhode Island University, where he received his Master’s degree, and later studied agriculture at Columbia and Harvard universities” (Tuan Wreh, The Love of Liberty: The Rule of President William V.S. Tubman in Liberia, 1976, p. 48 & Dunn & Holsoe, Historical Dictionary of Liberia, 1985, p. 177). Politics 

The Man Called D. Twe, A Legacy

    The Editor,   As a youth, I have always been fascinated by HISTORY, especially, with the knowledge and zeal used by those who are gifted in passing on the information. At that young age, there were three persons that made such an impact on me as far as history is concerned – they were, my maternal grandmother, Vahnboeh Waydeh Verdier, my mother, Kpan Sarkpah Mardea Worhwinn, and a cousin of ours, who we referred to as Sergeant Moore. I do not have the slightest idea why my cousin…

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