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Liberia: War & Economic Crimes Court Activist, Emmanuel Savice Denied Visa

Staff Report The Chairman of Liberians United for Justice and Accountability [LUJA] says he was denied a visa by the Liberian Embassy while on a visit to Monrovia. Mr. Emmanuel Savice said he was headed to the country to solicit signatures of a million-plus people who are interested in the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court. Savice is a Liberian-born who has scars of the war but now based in Canada with his family. In a statement on his Facebook page, he said ‘I was due to board…

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Truth be told, this practice is brutish, backward, reactionary and of no significance today, and thus, should be jettisoned. It merely glorifies the masters’ way of intimidating their subjects, inciting imminent fear among the people by divisions and classifications. culled from, www.face2faceafrica Public Policy 

African courts are glorifying colonialism with wigs

  SIKA-AYIWA AFRIYIE SAFO | Contributor   The tradition of wearing horsehair wigs, perukes, ‘a term derived from the French word perruque (weaving wig)’ and gowns by the judiciary predates the 15th Century. In the 14th Century, during the reign of King Edward III, the accepted costume for nobles who appeared before the Court of the king was the robe. Later in the 17th Century, the gown was adopted together with the peruke (horsehair wig) as the formal apparel of judges and lawyers, a bid to differentiate the elite from the commoners. Originally, judges were…

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