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Grace Kpaan Vs. The House: Basic Tenets of Due Process Ignored

      By: Darius Dillon “Due Process of Law” is the “law that hears before it renders judgment”. There are certain basic requirements that constitute “due process”. There must be a complainant and a defendant, and the defendant must be acquainted with whatever complaint/charge against him or her. The defendant must be told his or her rights to remain silent and accorded the right to a legal representation of choice. The defendant must also be accorded the right to produce evidence/witnesses to testify in his/her defense, amongst others. Absent…

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Drama: Ellen Crookrum on TV and the political twist of Mayor Broh, Supt. Kpaan and Rep. Edwin Forh!

      Mr. Editor: Ellen Crookrum on Crook-TV! Look what I found in my brain!: A “secret” recording of Representative Froh and former Managing Director (MD), Ellen Crookrum on Crook-TV!  Recording begins Me, announcing:  Joining us today in our studio is Representative Edward Forh, a felon from Fiama, Montserrado County!  Representative Forh have been in the news lately for instructing the Montserrado Superintendent (Grace Kpaan) to steal the County Development Fund and put it into his personal account! Me: Rep. Forh, welcome to the Crook-TV!.. How are you doing,…

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