Five coaches Liberian Lone Stars could shortlist

By: Hawa Wesseh Liberia FA and Musa Bility recently appointed new set of coaches for the Lone Stars. The appointment was met with dis-pleasures in certain quarters. Here also are five coaches that could turn the Liberian national team fortunes around. Africans FAs have a bias [these long years] for European coaches, sorry to disappoint you: There are two Nigerians on this list, one Ghanian, one American, and one South Korean. The prestigious Liberian Lone Stars position was not subject to application critics say, the coaches were randomly selected, therefore…

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Liberia must hire this man for the Lone Star job!

Recently the Liberian national team suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Nigerian Super Eagles, with a 6-1 deficit in Calabar Nigeria, exposing Kaetu Smith who has described himself as a “good coach.” The Liberian national team, the Lone star, must hire a foreign coach, appoint Kaetu Smith as the under 23 care taker, and let him coach also in the domestic league. The Liberian FA must also give the under 20 or under 18 job to Thomas Kodjo, while he also coaches in the domestic league. The…

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