Although this author’s prediction maybe overdue, it is not a starch, however, to wonder out loud, the potential devastation the COVID-19 pandemic could bring to Liberia’s poorest people. Consequently, it is important that critical policies be formulated and implemented to inform, educate and treat every Liberian. Moreover, is the George Weah-led CDC government prepared to require self-isolation for Liberians, and ready to ban Liberians from leaving their homes except to buy food, essential supplies, and medicines or for work? Every Liberian needs to be better prepared on ways to prevent, tackle and arrest this deadly virus from spreading and killing Liberians, most especially, the innocent. Therefore, it is imperative that all Liberians continue to look out for their fellow countrymen, women and children, especially those in vulnerable groups, and those with fever, headaches, cold, high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Still others to look out for are those in local markets, entertainer and community centers. As a matter of fact, all overcrowded transport centers and busting commercial districts need to be equipped with public mobile hand washing facilities. Finally, President George Weah should not allow corruption to undermine and deepen suspicions among Liberians regarding equal access to medical supplies, equipment, services and treatment. Op-ed 

The correlation between COVID-19 pandemic and climate change crisis

    By: Gardawheh Gad Boe   In December 2019, researchers in China identified a deadly new coronavirus strain that had infected dozens of people and was recognized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, 11 March 2020. Borders slammed shut. Global trade stalled and markets crashed. In a matter of weeks, the momentum behind efforts to jointly confront climate change essentially vanished. Countries have locked down cities, banned international travel, and shut down their economies in a desperate effort to slow the outbreak. As the COVID-19 outbreak wreaks…

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