The Liberian economy is enduring its toughest time as a result of high inflation, high unemployment, and zero growth (stagflation). The economy has been unable to cushion shocks, especially exogenous, because it is largely import-based. The Liberian markets are overly dependent on imports. Foreign currencies are being lost as a result of this dependency. These losses remain a threat to Liberia’s economy and sovereignty. Op-ed 

CBL Governor Designate J. Aloysius Tarlue Versus CBS Governor Kelfala Kallon

Liberia vs. Sierra Leone: Microscoping CBL Governor designate J. Aloysius Tarlue and CBS Governor Kelfala Kallon – An Unmatched Comparison  _______   The Editor,   The most suitable mechanic or technician is needed right now to turn Liberia’s economy around, and not someone whose background is predominantly in politics and public administration. Does Tarlue understand the complexities of the Liberian economy? The CDC-led government cannot continue guessing and playing gamble based on political patronage and convenience. The Liberian economy is enduring its toughest time as a result of high inflation,…

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CBL Jones Free Wheeling

CBL Gov. Mills Jones pic: liberianobserver The Editor, Why are some Liberians calling the CBL Governor, a “poverty doctor”, for his generosity with other people’s money? Is that the new definition of the word “doctor”? I don’t think so….. (Re “Western Liberians Hail CBL Governor As a Poverty Doctor”, Daily Observer Online, 06/02/2015) But hey, if Governor Mills Jones is a “poverty doctor”, why isn’t his pill for poverty working, hmmmmm? We all know that Doctor Jones’ pill for curing poverty is the CBL’s micro finance program. Under that program,…

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