In our country Liberia, there has been severe leadership deficit from the founding of the Liberian state to today. Liberia has been a country where there has been growth without development from year in year out. All these anomalies culminated in the fratricidal civil conflict that destroyed the fabric of our society and undermined our collective ability to move forward as one nation. With the help of ECOWAS and the International community, peace was restored to our country 15 years ago. Our collective responsibility as a people now is to maintain the peace. Instead, strange things are happening that could weaken our collective resolve to maintain the peace!! Yes, indeed strange things are happening in our country today- where people who were just barely managing to make life yesterday are today among the wealthiest people in Africa, if not the world, just in one year of being in power, as though they are money magicians. Op-ed 

Keeping the Legacy of Bishop Michael Francis Alive

Keeping the Legacy of Arch-Bishop Michael Kpakala Francis Alive: A call to Catholics of Liberia SPEECH His Grace Lewis Zeigler Archbishop of the Arch-Diocese of Monrovia Most Rev. Andrew J.Karnley, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas Most Rev. Anthony Fallah Bowah, Catholic Diocese of Gbarnga, President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Liberia (CABICOL) Priests of the three Dioceses of Liberia Catholic Brothers and Sisters Members of the lay apostolate Officials of Government Distinguished ladies and gentlemen My fellow Catholic brothers and sisters, before I proceed any further, please permit…

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