President Obama Calls On Congress To Pass Immigration Reform Bill

WORLD/united states By Steve Holland CHICAGO (Reuters) – President Barack Obama was interrupted several times by hecklers during a speech on his immigration policy on Tuesday, and their complaint was that his plan did not go far enough in protecting illegal immigrants from deportation. At least four hecklers, all of them women, yelled at the president at the Copernicus Center where he had gone to promote his go-it-alone immigration plan that will remove the threat of deportation for up to 4.7 million illegal immigrants. Obama had gone to a Polish…

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Republicans call Barack Obama worst President

By K. K. Wilson Is President Obama really America’s worst president? This would seem like the definitive conclusion of the American people based on recent events. A poll came out a few months ago that rated Obama at the bottom of all modern US presidents. President Bush, whose approval rating stood at 22 percent when he left office, was declared a better president than Obama according to that poll. Another poll concluded that the American people believed Mitt Romney would have made a better president. The Press even created the…

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Africa: Obama Walks In George W. Bush Shadow

  By Ralph Cherbo Geeplay It’s the Obama Africa’s trip and everyone is talking. Sure bet, everywhere Obama goes he sure grabs the headlines, and why not? He’s THE American President; leader of the world’s only unipolar power. Yes, China’s influence is spreading and its soft power taking root and getting noticed, especially in Africa. But the United States still commands the bully pulpit, especially where global dynamics and power play are discussed and policies enunciated when the big boys sit around the table [world powers]. Noticeably, the euphoria that greeted…

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