Hasan then said: "You're acting like you were a passerby or an observer. You were in the thick of things. In the ANC you were the chair, you were the speaker in Parliament. This happened on your watch..." He referred specifically to the sacking of then finance minister Pravin Gordhan in 2017, who had claimed that around R150bn to R250bn had been looted from state coffers. "Why didn't you speak out and join him to call out that looting?" Mbete then gave vague answers, saying she was "right there" and that those issues were being "discussed every day". Mbete also denied having been aware of the looting of state-owned enterprises and state capture. Op-ed 

Baleka Mbete: ANC [ruling party] cannot be blamed for SA’s problems

    “We can’t blame the problems of South African society on the ANC. Criminality has been in South Africa for more than three centuries, especially after the colonialists came and brought crime from Europe to Africa,” Mbete said in response to a question by an audience member on South Africa’s high crime levels, especially murder and rape. Hasan then responded: “Hold on, let’s be clear, the British Empire did do exactly what you just said, but they did it to a lot of countries. Why is it that South…

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