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African collectors are driving global sales of contemporary African art

  By Ciku Kimeria Sotheby’s recently concluded its bi-annual Modern & Contemporary African Art auction, exceeding the lower end of its pre-sale estimate by over 40% to net £2.7 million ($3.7 million). Participants hailed from 34 countries, with over a third of buyers transacting with Sotheby’s for the first time, making the auction houses’ third online-only auction of contemporary African art a major success. The category was created by Sotheby’s only four years ago to champion the work of African artists. Since then, it has achieved over 80 record-breaking sales, underscoring the…

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Museum of contemporary art Africa opens in Cape Town

The invites have been sent for the opening night, the displays readied in 80 galleries spread over nine floors, and 24,000 tickets have sold out in a matter of minutes. For a few short days there is quiet. The calm will not last. In Cape Town, on one of the world’s most recognisable waterfronts in the world, a vast new art museum, the biggest ever in Africa, is about to open, creating the biggest buzz in the continent’s collective creative world for many years. The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art…

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Arts and culture, an alternative to grow African economies

By Dasmani Laary Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) governments have been urged to shift their focus from timber, cocoa and minerals exports, and introduce relevant polices and funding into arts and culture to rapidly expand their economies. “Giving meaning to the role of arts and culture manifested in traditional music, dance, clothing and drama can earn countries billions of dollars to spur growth and create jobs,” culture experts meeting in Ghana’s capital, Accra said. Culture is a powerful tool for poverty eradication, helping to meet the ambitious goal…

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GBAGBA: A Review by Stephanie C. Horton

R E V I E W Robtel Neajai Pailey’s children’s book Gbagba is populated with characters bound to the changing meanings of ethics in post-war Liberia. The story touches on the role of traditional values to transform social thinking. When the young twins Sundaygar and Sundaymah leave the countryside to visit their aunt in the capital Monrovia, the collusion of adults in everyday corrupt practices—robbery, bribery, fraud, vigilantism—collides with the children’s strong moral sense of right and wrong. Immediately after the children arrive in the city, a thief “in dirty…

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Kona Khasu calls on Liberian Government to Support Arts

      11 Questions: Kona Khasu, Cultural  Aficionado Khasu is a long time Liberian culture promoter and currently heads the Liberian Arts and Culture Council in Liberia as post war Liberia moves to position the arts at the center of national development. To simply called Kona Khasu a cultural enthusiast would be unfair, he has been at the center of education and social policies in his native Liberia for close to a decade and half, and if anyone knows anything about Liberian theatre also, they would know Kona Khasu.   1.…

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