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Student Unification Party Commemorates April 14th 1979 Fallen Heroes At Palm Grove Cemetery

Monrovia—On April 14, 2021, the Student Unification Party (SUP) memorialized the heroic lives of student leaders who were shot by the police forces of the True Whig Party-led–Tolbert government, in Monrovia, after parading through the principal streets in the seaside city before climaxing their activities at the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street, where eulogies and remembrance speeches were given by the campus-based, pan African student body.  Reports indicate President William Richard Tolbert issued the order to  “Shoot them below the extremities”, according to a New York Times and Ann…

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April 14 Historical Reflections:  What Change Did It Bring? 

  By Joaquin M. Sendolo When Liberians begin to chronicle major events in their existence, they cannot escape the month of April and its records. They are always reminded about major historical occurrences that began in 1979 April 14 when the first major protest characterized by human casualties and massive looting took place.  In fact, many commentators say April 14 sets the basis of Liberia’s collective history when on this day, the ordinary Liberians outside of the realm of the ruling elites demonstrated how they felt about the century-old oligarchical…

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