Ms. Dos Santos' analysis may be self-serving. But that doesn't necessarily make it wrong. "The economy is now in free-fall. JLo is milking this anti-Dos Santos thing because it's the one thing he's got," said Prof De Oliveira. "But the population is becoming jaded and cynical. His popularity is wearing off and people are asking why is he not going after others. "This is a very focused, targeted [anti-corruption] campaign. [Others] who are as bad as the Dos Santos family… are not touched. So, the hypocrisy is registering with most Angolans. My sense is this is more effective internationally than domestically," he said. Public Policy 

No favors: General Joao Lourenco, President of Angola

    A liberation party stalwart, a veteran of Angola’s long wars, an ambitious but unremarkable Soviet-trained artillery general hand-picked by other generals, a man who would, surely, do nothing to rock the boat. That, at least, appeared to be the plan. When he took over as president of the oil-rich country in 2017 – and soon after as leader of the governing MPLA – the expectation was that he would shake things up a little, introduce cautious economic reforms, root out some corruption in a way that would not…

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