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TRIBUTE: Amos Sawyer, a distinguished African statesman retires from partisan politics

By Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei, Prof. Amos Sawyer, a man who has for over forty years played a leading role of a scholar, activist, leader, and mediator in Africa’s most troubling and sometimes complicated political crisis has resigned from “partisan politics.” An attempt to write a full biographical sketch of an outstanding statesman like Amos Sawyer would require extensive research and probably end up producing thousands of pages. I, therefore, seek not to go on such an expensive route. This tribute in commemoration of his contributions to his dear country, Liberia.…

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Amos Sawyer: An African Statesman and Struggle Icon, A Tribute

  By Cherbo Geeplay The pan-African progressive community is hugely grateful to Dr. Amos C. Sawyer for his contributions to Liberia’s development and his personal sacrifice as an activist, leader, professor, and public servant. Sawyer’s recent announcement to leave the political stage is indeed the end of an era, but it is also the beginning of another! It was a daunting task to write this tribute in honor of an esteemed pan-Africanist and statesman. Perhaps poets are not good prose writers.  “We can write the new chapters in a visual…

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Sawyer: I announce today my retirement from partisan politics in Liberia

  Monrovia – One of Liberia’s longtime political activists and educators, Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer, has announced his resignation from active partisan politics, as he put it, “continue my engagement as a senior scholar and citizen.” Releasing Resignation Announcement In a statement released and signed by his assistant, Mr. Ibrahim Nyei, Dr. Sawyer said his action would allow him to begin “working along with others to sustain peace and reconciliation, strengthen democracy and enhance development in our dear country and our region.” Publisher’s Pick Liberia Signs World Bank US$40M Fisheries Financing…

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Dissecting The Politics Of Edward Wilmot Blyden

By Edward Carter Making remarks at the program marking his 70th natal day, the Orwellian political scientist, the unrelenting Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer made a rather interesting disclosure: He stressed that he will avail himself in part to establish a “chair of public affairs” at the University of Liberia in honor of the late so-called Pan African Nationalist, Edward Wilmot Blyden. Dr. Sawyer’s disclosure has provided an opportunity to take a second look at Mr. Blyden from the prism of his so-called African nationalist inclinations for which he is to…

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Tribute: Amos sawyer a distinguished African Statesman

By Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei, Today June 15, 2015 marks the seventieth birth anniversary of Prof. Amos Sawyer, a man who has for over forty years played a leading role of a scholar, activist, leader, and mediator in Africa’s most troubling and sometimes complicated political crises. Sawyer was born on June 15, 1945 in Sinoe County in Southeastern Liberia to a lower-middle class family. His parents meant well for the family and wanted to change the social status of the next generation of the family, thus they strove for young Sawyer…

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Amos Sawyer Gets Gausi Nod

  Professor Amos Claudius Sawyer has had an immensely burly professional career in his native Liberia and at the twilight of his career, he must sense vindication that he is getting recognition for his efforts both at home and abroad. A 2011 Gausi recipient, Sawyer was recognized by the peace foundation last year because of “his work in promotion of democratic governance and socio-economic development through regional integration.” The Manila based foundation also said; Sawyer “has led numerous missions on peace building and elections observation and has been deeply involved in the strengthening…

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