In November 1967, Mr. Porte wrote a pamphlet titled “Thinking About Unthinkable Things In a Democracy,” wondering how Liberia, with its constitution, its adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, could be a nation where “anyone could do any wrong, and once he had the President and his office behind him, he could go free and no one, not even the Chief Justice could do anything about it. That was very dangerous for any country,” (Page 184). Indeed lawlessness at the highest level of governance was dangerous and Liberia were to find it later, in a devastating way. Artists & Reviews 

A Life of Rebellion: The Biography Of Albert Porte

    Kenneth Y. Best:  Albert Porte, A Life Time Trying to Save Liberia   By the time William V.S. Tubman became president of Liberia, the country had already abandoned any semblance of democracy and the people had lost the right to elect their leaders. This privilege was left to a party caucus, made of the President, the Speaker and a handful of people in the True Whig Party and government hierarchy. The system had been introduced by President King in 1925. Once the Caucus decided who would run for…

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A Liberian Patriot of the Century Had Fallen!

  By Keith Neville Best Following the 1944 emergence to the Presidency by William V. S. Tubman, Albert Porte’s writings took on a more political flavor. It is believed that his prolific bent gained added momentum as a result of the readiness with which he tooled up his spirited pen against the excessive use of power by Tubman. It is not surprising that one of his first major clashes with Tubman centered on monthly deductions of funds from his meager teacher’s salary to support the ruling True Whig Party. Here was a man declaring…

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The Uncommon Courage OF Albert Porte

By Jackie N. Sayegh Growing up in Liberia, the name of name of Albert Porte was whispered amongst older relatives with varying emotions: anger, admiration, resignation, frustration, but never with apathy or indifference. Many expressed frustration over his constant “buzzing” thereby upsetting the powers that be while others secretly admired his courage. Secretly being the operative word here. As a child, the name was not significant in my world. Childhood friends, play and school took precedence and life went on as life is meant to do. Last month, while writing…

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