Some years ago, I had a discussion with Donald Duke, former governor of Cross River State in Nigeria. I commended his vision for a plan to attract large numbers of tourists from around the world, impacting positively on the economy of the state and the nation. I observed that a large number of leaders in Nigeria can’t envision Nigeria as a developed nation, and talk more of mobilizing citizens to actualize the vision. He replied with an illustration: Nigeria, he said, is like an aircraft that is being flown by pilots that did not go to flying school. He added that when the plane crashes, everyone blames the pilot. The question therefore is: where are Africa’s leadership “flying schools?” How and where do Africans acquire sophistication in the leadership skills required to guide the continent into development? Op-ed 

Africa doesn’t need charity, it needs good leadership

  By Sam Adeyem   There is an ongoing discussion on the effectiveness of foreign aid in helping the economic development of Africa. One thing is obvious: the results are not exactly what Africa’s development partners have expected, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Dambisa Moyo, global economist and author, contends in her book Dead Aid that while foreign aid that addresses humanitarian needs caused by drought and conflict is helpful, most of the aid given to African countries is rather harmful. The OECD provides comprehensive statistics on the kinds and volume of aid…

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Kofi Woods Calls For Aid To Liberia

Monrovia – With Liberia making significant strides to defeat Ebola, all attention is now shifting towards the recovery process of the country and the government is appealing for international support in the process. Individual Liberians are also making frantic efforts to secure donors support for the country. Atty. Samuel K. Woods, former Public Works Minister who during the outbreak negotiated for the shipment of medical supplies and other materials to the country to help fight the deadly virus is also heading the appeal for recovery support to Liberia. Woods, who…

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