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Post colonial nationalism in Africa

Each African nation took a unique path toward independence. Some, such as Algeria, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, took extreme measures like waging a guerilla war on the colonial state; most countries pursued nonviolent means and achieved a peaceful transfer of power. But there were varying degrees of success. Some countries, such as Ghana, became completely independent while others, such as Congo, continued to depend on Europe, and their independence was superficial rather than absolute. As the age of independence dawned, African leaders faced the daunting tasks of developing their vastly underdeveloped…

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Top Ten African Leaders Of All Time

    #1. Thomas Sankara, born on Dec 21st 1949, killed on Oct 15th 1987, was a charismatic left-wing leader and president of Upper Volta, which he renamed Burkina Faso (“the land of upright people”) during his period of office between 1983 and 1987. As a professing Pan Africanist he fought for a united Africa. He is frequently referred to as the “Che of Black Africa” for his resemblance to Ernesto Guevara with regards to personality and political ideas. Inspired by the Cuban Revolution, Sankara is widely considered as an…

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Museum of contemporary art Africa opens in Cape Town

The invites have been sent for the opening night, the displays readied in 80 galleries spread over nine floors, and 24,000 tickets have sold out in a matter of minutes. For a few short days there is quiet. The calm will not last. In Cape Town, on one of the world’s most recognisable waterfronts in the world, a vast new art museum, the biggest ever in Africa, is about to open, creating the biggest buzz in the continent’s collective creative world for many years. The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art…

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China is cheating Africa

The Editor China which gets its raw material from Africa turns around and sell for us finished products. While Africa export to China is mostly raw material at estimated value of about $60 billion a year, we turn around and buy the finished products and we spend over $500 Billion in China. Same predicament faces us when it comes to western countries. The west uses their institutions like World Trade Org.(WTO) to clump down on our goods by claiming that they do not meet international threshold, that way they keep…

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Pres Gagame calls for urgent Africa Union reforms

President Paul Kagame has called for urgency in the implementation of the African Union reforms adopted at the last African Union Summit in January this year. The Head of State was speaking in Conakry, Guinea at the invitation of President Alpha Conde, the current Chairperson of the African Union. Alongside President Kagame were President Idriss Deby of Chad, and African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat. Read President Kagame’s full speech below: Good morning. It is a pleasure to be back in Conakry. I would like to begin by thanking…

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Africa’s 2016 in pictures

The most striking news images from the African continent Last year Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Oscar Pistorius removed his prosthetic limbs and hobbled around the courtroom at his sentencing hearing in South Africa in June. Image copyright Italian Navy via AP Image caption The capsizing of a boat in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy is caught on camera in May by the Italian navy as officers rescued more than 560 migrants. Image copyright AP Image caption A few months later in August, 20 small boats were rescued off…

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African Literature: Ekwensi & John Tafida’s Jiki Magayi

Could This Be Literary Fraud? Dissecting Cyprian Ekwensi’s An African Night Entertainment And John Tafida’s Jiki Magayi By Ibrahim Musa In the literary world, Cyprian Ekwensi is a household name. This holds true particularly for the volume of work he churned out within the corpus of African literature. He was a very good story teller, especially of the urban tale, that many people see him as a better story teller than the Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka or even the more famous novelist, Chinua Achebe. In stark contrast, John Tafida can…

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Prize for Literature 2015 Shortlist Announced For Africa

allAfrica—Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Penny Busetto and Rehana Rossouw have been announced as the three shortlisted authors for the 2015 Etisalat Prize for Literature. The Etisalat Prize for Literature is a pan-African Prize that is open solely to debut fiction writers from African countries. Now in its third year, it is acknowledged as one of the most prestigious literary prize for African fiction. The three books, selected from the longlist of nine, are: Fiston Mwanza Mujila (Democratic Republic of Congo) – Tram 83 (Deep Vellum) Penny Busetto (South Africa) – The…

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Arts and culture, an alternative to grow African economies

By Dasmani Laary Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) governments have been urged to shift their focus from timber, cocoa and minerals exports, and introduce relevant polices and funding into arts and culture to rapidly expand their economies. “Giving meaning to the role of arts and culture manifested in traditional music, dance, clothing and drama can earn countries billions of dollars to spur growth and create jobs,” culture experts meeting in Ghana’s capital, Accra said. Culture is a powerful tool for poverty eradication, helping to meet the ambitious goal…

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China in Africa: A Modern Story of Colonization?

By Mark Esposito and Terence Tse China’s economic growth has been a key narrative in the story of economic miracle over the past two decades. Its Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in particular has played a prominent role in economic interactions with many developing countries. China, once a major recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) has recently become one of the largest ‘emerging’ investors, especially in Sub Saharan Africa countries, with its biggest investments being in Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa and Angola among others. In recent times China has become…

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