But we all know that most of our government ministers are worthless human beings! They steal. They take kickbacks. And they spend our tax dollars frivolously to buy tainted SUV's and pay $600,000 rent to landlords! Op-ed 

“LRA Rural Campaign Awareness Receives Boost But…”

The Editor The Liberian people might be uneducated, but they’are NOT stupid! The Liberian Revenue Authority [LRA] Commissioner-General (Elfreda Tamba-Stewart) says that “It is through tax education that we can harden voluntary (tax) complaince, and this remains a cogent part of our corporate strategic plan” (Re “LRA Rural Campaign Awareness Receives Boost But…”, Daily Observer Online) But who in their right mind needs “tax education” to pay taxes when they see, with their own two eyes, government ministers stealing or misusing their tax dollars? Common sense tells us that those…

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